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Monday, April 7, 2014

Sir Thomas Browne, Sheriff of Kent #52ancestors

Sir Thomas Browne is my 18th great grandfather.

Sir Thomas Browne MP, medieval Chancellor of the Exchequer of England.
Sworn to the peace in Kent in 1434. He was Justice of Peace for Kent from 1436 to 24 Dec. 1450. He was Member of Parliament (MP) between 1439 and 1444 for Dover. He was High Sheriff for Kent in 1443-4, and then MP between 1445 and 1446 for Kent. He was present at Parliament in 1447 and 1449 as Under Treasurer. He was MP between 1449 and 1450 for Wallingford. He was knighted 1449/51. During the reign of King Henry IV, his highest post was that Chancellor of the Exchequer which post he held between 1440 and 1450. He was later Justice of Peace for Surrey from 20 July 1454 till death. He was executed on the gallows at Tyburn on 29 Jul 1460.
He was Knighted in about 1449-1451. He became wealthy by receiving a license to export uncustomed wool in 1440. He had a 12 lb pension out of the Tweed Fisheries and his post of Clerk of Issues of the Exchequer. He was the Sheriff of Kent between 1440 and 1460 plus he was also Treasurer of the Household to H.R.H. Henry VI.
Beechworth or Betchworth Castle, Dorking, Surrey. which he purchased from his father in law Thomas FitzAlan. Tonford Manor, Thanington, Kent, called Toniford, Tunford etc, came into possession of the manor from Sir Thomas Fogge, (died anno 9 Henry IV.) by the Browne's who in the 27th year of Henry VI. obtained a grant of liberty to embattle and impark, and to have free warren, &c. within this manor. Morris Court, Bapchild, Kent.situated within the Ecclestical jurisdiction of the diocese of Rochester, and deanry of Sittingborne. Eythorne Manor, Kent Thomas obtained the grant of a fair at the neighbouring village of Wimlingswold, to be held on the feast of St. Margaret the Virgin, (20th of July), but it is now held yearly on Old May-day. Hoptons Manor, in the parish of Alkham, Kent. Kingsnoth Manor, Kent in the 27th year of Henry VI. reign, Thomas obtained a licence for a fair in this parish, on the feast of St. Michael, and that same year he had another to embattle his mansion here and to inclose a park, and for freewarren in all his demesne lands within this manor. Westbery Manor, Watringbury, Kent. Richard Fishborne, sold the manor in the 33d year of Henry VI. reign to Thomas Browne. Swanscombe Manor, Greenhithe, KentTong Castle & Manor, Tong, Kent the property which had been in possession of Richard, Duke of York, but was attainted in anno 38 Henry VI., and granted by Henry VI. to Thomas Browne, prior to his knighthood, and being made comptroller and treasurer of his household. Thomas soon afterwards obtained a grant of a fair at this manor, on St. Jame's day yearly, and another for liberty to embattle his mansion, and to impark his lands here.
Thomas was born about 1414. He was the son and heir of Robert Browne and a nephew of Stephen Browne MP He married Eleanor daughter and coheir of Thomas Fitzalan (third son of Lord Maltravers) in 1434. Eleanor later remarried Sir Thomas Vaughan in 1461. Thomas had seven sons and several daughters:
  • * Sir George Browne, Knt, was M.P. Surrey. Knighted after the Battle of Tewkesbury.
  • * Thomas Browne
  • * Robert Browne Of Chilham, Kent, Eng; m Anne
  • * Sir Anthony Browne; Standard bearer for Eng;
  • * William Browne (of Tavistock, Devon)
  • * Leonard Browne
  • * Edward Browne
  • * Katherine Browne m Humphrey Sackville of Buckhurst, Sussex (1426 – January 24, 1488).
  • * Jane Browne
Colonel the Right Honourable Josiah C. Wedgwood D.S.O M.P. collab Anne D. Hart M.A..'' Biographies of'' ''the Members of the Commons House 1439-1509''. London: H.M.S.O, 1936. Vol.2 pp 123-4.
Parishes: Bapchild', ''The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent:'' Volume 6 (1798), pp. 122-132. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=62953&strquery=thomas brown.
A genealogical and heraldic history of the extinct and dormant baronetcies ... By John Burke, Sir Bernard Burke Pg. 87
ISSUE OF THOMAS ARUNDEL BY Joan Moyne 1. [146: WILLIAM (-<1437 o/seas)]
2. [146: Alianor; d&h; m1 (7s+2d) c1431 THOMAS BROWNE (-Jul 1460 bhd) knt; of Betchworth Castle, jure uxoris; [048 Of Kent; Tres of household of Hy VI]; In 1440 and 1460 Sheriff of Kent; On 20 Jul 1460 convicted of treason; s of RICHARD BROWNE knt; She m2 1461 THOMAS VAUGHAN; [eml (1425-1483)] Esq of the body of Ed IV; of Tretower; he and GEORGE s of Sir TOMAS BROWNE are mentioned in "Battle of Tewkesbury, A Roll of Arms" by Geoffrey Wheeler, 1971]
More details of Sir Thomas Browne
Grocer, citizen of London, acquired properties in Kent; comptroller of the household
1428 Edward Guildford released to Walter Hungerford, William Darel, Thomas Browne, and John Forescue the Manor of Eygthorne, to the use of Thomas Browne
1431 [067 has 1434] Married Eleanor d&h of Sir Thomas Fitz‑Alan of Beechworth/Betchworth Castle, (the br of John, Earl of Arundel) and had issue.
1433, July 11 Perhaps the Thomas Broun who was, with others, ordered to sell the wine and merchandise taken of the captured Spanish ship Manequeneth
1434 June 8 With others, given a commission to muster men at arms at Dover.
1434 July 12 With others, given a commission to muster men at arms at Dover.
1434-35 Acquired Harbledowne, Tennington, and West Bere, Kent from John Fogge
1435 March 30 Perhaps the Thomas Broune merchant to ship wool to Calais for the king
1437, Oct 10 Justice
1437 Nov 27 Comm to make inquisition in Kent
1438 Feb 12 Comm to make inquisition in Kent
1438 May 12 Pardon with John Broun and four others after entering 100 acres in Parish of la Rivere by Dover bought from Thomas Thorold and entering it without licence.
1438 May 26 Comm re inquisition into the state of Newenton by Hethe, etc
1438 Dec 12 Comm to make inquisition in Kent
1439 Mar 19 One of the commissioners for Kent to raise a loan for the king.
1439-40 MP for Kent
1440 July 24 Licence to sell wool abroad, in consideration of his recent misfortunes and impoverishments in Kent
1440 Aug 18 Licence for life to trade over-seas
1442 Mar 30 Comm to raise loan for king in Kent
1443 Feb 16 Comm to make inquisition in Kent
1443 Mar 18 Acquired the marriage and wardship of John s&h of Thomas Torell (Tyrell*) of Shelley/Shellow, Bowells, Ongar, Essex
1443 May 8 Comm to make inquisition in Kent
1443-44 Sheriff of Kent
1444 July 11 Acquired, with others, marriage of Robert s&h of Robert Kirkham
1445 Acquired West Bere from John Scott
1445 Oct 8 Licence to trade with aliens etc
1445-46 MP for Kent
1446 June 1 Comm to raise loan in Kent for king
1446 Dec Exchequer clerk
1447 c. Feb Under treasurer of the exchequer
1447 Feb 8 Granted stewardship of lordships of Mylton and Merden Kent after death of Dk of Gloucester (who d 23 Feb 1446/7, whilst under arrest)
1447 July 18 Appointed under-treasurer of the exchequer
1449 July 8 Granted right to hold annual fairs at Eythorne, Kent; Kyngesnede, Kent; Swanscombe, Kent; Wymblyngweld, Kent; Tong, Kent; Betchworth, Surrey
1449 July 12 Granted exemption from assizes etc.
1449 Sep 25 Comm to raise a loan for the king in Kent
Parl. of Nov 1449 The staplers of Calais continued their campaign against the hated licences to bypass Calais in o/seas trade, and Henry VI reluctantly agreed to annul all but those granted to the queen, Suffolk, Thomas Walsingham, Thomas Browne, John Pennington, (these last 3 were members of the royal household) and the prior of Bridlington
1450 Slandered by the populace
Jul 1453 July Admitted to the council
July 1453 Joined the council of Hy VI, which also included Sir Thomas Tyrell, Whittingham and Thorp
1458 On commission at Rochester to inquire into the quarrel between Richard Nevill Er of Warwick and the citizens of Lubeck
1458 Ganted (Royal?) Swanscombe manor, plus grant of a fair, Kent but soon afterwards it returned to Dk of York.
1459 June 1x 1461 July 20 Thomas’ wife Eleanor was devised, Manors of Pluckley and Waldershare (Waldeshare) in Tenterton/Tenderden from Joan Knowght, (-Will 1 June 1459) g-dau and heir of Richard Malmayn and dau of Henry Knowght. Eleanor is incorrectly called a widow.
1459 c.Dec Granted Swanscombe manor
1460 Sheriff of Kent
c1460 At latter end of Hy VI Browne acquired Caldham/Coldham, and Hoptons manor. Alkham and Morehall manor, Cheriton all of, or near Folkestone. From Robert Brandred and Morris-court, Bapchild (which may have been acquired by the Brownes before 1412); Tong manor (royal grant?); and Eythorne manor (050 states this was acquired 7 Hy VI, 1428-9) acquired from Sir Walter Hungerford and Batfriston manor, Wyborne's estate acquired from John de Monyngham; manor of Hartangre, Barson parish; Land called Walsted' and Huddes' at Lindfield, Sussex. For Betchworth and land in Surrey see ipm, Dorking and for London the inquisition both below.
Jul 1460 Temp bat of Northampton, the Lancastrians held up in the Tower of London were Lords Scales (Thomas de Scales k 25 Jul 1460 attempting to escape from tower), Moleyns (Robert Hungerford who m Eleanor d&h of Wm de Moleyns, escaped from the Tower but bhd 18 May 1464), Lovel (John Lovel, released, d 1464/5), Vesci (Henry Bromflete, released from Tower; d 1468/9), and De la Warr (Richard West, released from Tower, d. 1475/6), as well as household figures like Sir Edmund Hampden, Sir Thomas Browne, Sir Gervase Clifton, and Sir Thomas Tyrell. The Tower, besieged by Ld Cobham and the sheriffs, surrendered on 19 July, and in the last week of July a Sir Thomas Browne with at least 6 others were condemned and beheaded at Tyburn
20 July 1460 Tried and convicted of high treason, beheaded and attainted
c1461 His widow m2 Thomas Vaughan of Tretower, Wales, later KB.



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