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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sir Duncan le Grant, 1st Laird of Freuchie #52ancestors

"...the Lords of Glencarnie were descended from a branch of the ancient Celtic Earls of Strathern, and adopted the territorial name of their lands as their own surname. Tradition, therefore, in assigning the Comyns as the ancestors of Matilda of Glencarnie andher son. Sir Duncan Grant, is not only erroneous as to fact, but has overlooked the true and much more splendid pedigree of Sir Duncan, who, by his mother, inherited the blood of Malise, Earl of Strathern, the proud noble who claimed the foremost place in the battle of the Standard on 22d August 1138. By this alliance of the family of Grant with Matilda of Glencarnie, the present Chief of the Grants is lineally descended from the great race of Strathern, whose origin is lost in the mists of antiquity, but which is known as one of the noblest in Scotland in the earliest historic times."

from Chiefs of Grant

Sir Duncan le Grant, of Freuchie is my 13th great grandfather.
   →  Pop 
your father →  Rufus S. Nichols 
his father →  Tressie (King) Nichols 
his mother →  Michael O. King 
her father →  Margaret (Wright) King 
his mother → James Wingfield Wright 
her father →  Mary Whitledge Grant 
his mother →  William Grant, of Crichie 
her father →  Elizabeth Grant 
his mother → William Leslie, X. Baron of Balquhain 
her father →  William Leslie, Ninth Baron of Balquhain 
his father →  John Leslie, Eighth Baron of Balquhain 
his father → William Leslie, Seventh Baron of Balquhain 
his father →  Murial Grant, of Fruchie 
his mother →  Sir Duncan Grant, of Freuchie 
her father


Friday, June 27, 2014

26. Robert Lee Linville #52ancestors

Son of Moses Linville and Henrietta Linville
Husband of Margaret (Johnson) Linville
Father of Ida Mae Hancock

Robert Lee Linville is my second great grandfather. He was the son of Moses Linville and Henrietta White. He married Margaret Johnson in Surry County, NC.

The Linvilles were close friends of the Boones and lived nearby in NC. Robert's grandmother Hannah Scarlett Morgan Linville was the sister of Sarah Morgan Boone who was Daniel's mother.

Daniel's brother George married Robert's great uncle William's daughter Ann who was called Nancy. Ann was the mother of William Linville Boone and John Linville Boone. Ann's father, William D. Linville was the original owner of Tanglewood Park.


Monday, June 23, 2014


For future reference and because you cannot trust some sites to always be there for you to read later, I feel the need to post quotes from my sources here so they have a better chance of being available. I know that Ancestry will do something responsible with the files they have shut down now, but I do not know what and there are other sources that could just vanish at any time online so it is in the best interest of this blog and its readers present and future to have direct quotes available. At least the ones that deal with my family. I recommend that other genealogy bloggers follow suite. #geneabloggers #family #history #genealogy #sources

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Partridge Family: Lady Jane Partridge #52Ancestors

Lady Jane Partridge is my 13th great grandmother. 
   →  Pop 
your father →  Rufus S. Nichols 
his father →  Jim Nichols 
his father →  Harriet Isabell (Williams) Nichols 
his mother → Clarissa "Betty" (Richards) Williams 
her mother →  Nancy (Moore) Richards 
her mother →  Jacob Moore 
her father →  Isaac Moore 
his father →  Sarah Moore 
his mother → Samuel Emlen 
her father →  Hannah Emlen 
his mother →  William Garrett, I 
her father →  'Lord' John Garrett, of Derby 
his father →  Sir William Garrett, of Bucks 
his father →  Lady Jane Partridge 
his mother           

Lady Jane Partridge
Sir John Garrard became a member of the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers and married Jane, the daughter of Richard Partridge, a citizen of the City of London, and with her had thirteen children, including John (born about 1585), Benedict, Anne, Elizabeth, Ursula, Jane (baptized 1602), and at least two other daughters, these eight surviving infancy. At least four other children died young, a son named John who was born and died in 1597, Margaret, the twin of Jane, who was baptized in May 1602 but died in June 1603, another John who was baptized in December 1604, and a son named Thomas.
Now then, you are probably thinking the same thing I am right now. Who is John Gerrard? and what is a Haberdasher? Well, Wikipedia says...

Sir John Garrard, sometimes spelt Gerrard (c. 1546 – 7 May 1625), was a City of London merchant, a member of the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers, a Buckinghamshire landowner, and a Lord Mayor of London.    

So you see that a haberdasher is a merchant but who were the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers?    

haberdasher is a person who sells small articles for sewing, such as buttonsribbonszips, and other notions (in the United Kingdom[1]) or a men's outfitter (American English[2]). A haberdasher's shop or the items sold therein are called haberdashery.

The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers is one of the senior Livery Companies of the City of London. The organisation, following on from the Mercers' Company, another Livery Company connected with clothing and haberdashery, received a Royal Charter in 1448 and has records dating back to 1371. The formal name under which it is incorporated is The Master and Four Wardens of the Fraternity of the Art or Mystery of Haberdashers in the City of London.   

The livery companies of the City of London are various historic trade associations almost all of which are known as the "Worshipful Company of..." their relevant trade, craft or profession.[1][2] The medieval companies originally developed as guilds and were responsible for the regulation of their trades, controlling, for instance, wages and labour conditions. Until the Protestant Reformation, they were closely associated with religious activities, notably in support of chantry chapels and churches and the observance of ceremonies, notably the mystery plays. Livery companies retain a religious connection today, although they admit members of any faith or none.    

So Sir John Gerrard was a nobleman because he owned land, and he was a haberdasher in a notable Livery company in London, but he was also a Lord Mayor of London.

The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor of London is the legal title for the Mayor of (and head of) the City of London Corporation. The Lord Mayor of London is to be distinguished from the Mayor of London; the former is an officer only of the City of London, while the Mayor of London is the Mayor of Greater London and as such governs a much larger area. Within the City of London, the Lord Mayor has precedence over other individuals and has various special powers, rights and privileges. 

Now you know all about Lord Gerrard, but the subject of the post is his wife, Lady Jane Partridge, 

On 24 January 1616, Garrard's wife died, and Garrard himself followed on 7 May 1625, to be buried with his wife, and like his father, in the church of St Magnus-the-Martyr, London. A monument to him, erected by his son Benedict Gerrard, survives there,[4] and reads as follows.
Here lieth interred the Bodies of Sir John Gerrard, Knt., and Dame Jane, his wife, who was Daughter to Richard Partridge, Citizen and Haberdasher of London, by whom he had 13 children; five whereof died young. They lived comfortably together, 43 years. He was Lord-Mayor of London, in the year 1601. She departed this Life the 24 Jan. 1616; and he left this world, the 7 of May 1625, being 79 years old, leaving only 2 Sons and six Daughters behind him. This Monument was erected at the Charges of Benedict Gerrard, Gent., his youngest Son, 1629.[1]


Friday, June 20, 2014

25. Rhoda Ellen Lawrence Hancock #52ancestors

25th on my ancestor list is Rhoda Ellen Lawrence, wife of Samuel Austin Hancock, and daughter of Thomas Lawrence and Susan Frances O'Bryan. Rhoda is my 2nd great grandmother....

Samuel Austin Hancock m. Rhoda E. Lawrence (2) 10-19-1873 at Amos Dickerson's, Floyd Co., VA by Amos Dickerson. He 21 yo single farmer, b. Patrick Co., VA & living in Floyd Co., VA, s/o Peter & Elizabeth Hancock. She single 20 yo, b. Montgomery Co., VA & living in Floyd Co., VA, d/o Thomas & Susan Lawrence. Source: FCVA1873_0077; FCVA1873_0078. Register: 3. Page: 43.



Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sir Walter Ogilvy of Lintrathen, 1st Lord High Treasurer of Scotland #52ancestors

Sir Walter Ogilvy of Lintrathen married, firstly, unknown Durward.[1]
He married, secondly, Isabel Glen, daughter of Sir John Glen and Margaret Erskine of Inchmartin, after 1427.[2],[1]
He died in 1440.[1]
He was the son of Sir Walter Ogilvy of Auchterhouse and Isabel Ramsay.[1]
  • He held the office of High Treasurer [Scotland] in 1425.[3]
  • He lived at Lintrathen, Angus, Scotland.[2]
  • He was a Commissioner to England negotiating for peace between 1431 and 1437.[3]
Children of Sir Walter Ogilvy of Lintrathen and unknown Durward
  • 1. Sir John Ogilvy of Lintrathen+[1] b. b 1414, d. Jun 1489
  • 2. James Ogilvy [1] b. b 1427
Children of Sir Walter Ogilvy of Lintrathen and Isabel Glen
  • 1. Isabel Ogilvy+[4] d. 1484
  • 2. Walter Ogilvy+[1]
  • 3. Giles Ogilvy [5]
  • 4. David Ogilvy [1] b. b 28 Jan 1426/27
  • 5. Alexander Ogilvy [1] b. b 1440
  • 6. Patrick Ogilvy [1] b. b 1440
  • 7. George Ogilvy [1] b. b 1440
  • 1. [S8] Charles Mosley, editor, Burke's Peerage and Baronetage, 106th edition, 2 volumes (Crans, Switzerland: Burke's Peerage (Genealogical Books) Ltd, 1999), volume 1, page 45. Hereinafter cited as Burke's Peerage and Baronetage, 106th edition.
  • 2. [S6] G.E. Cokayne; with Vicary Gibbs, H.A. Doubleday, Geoffrey H. White, Duncan Warrand and Lord Howard de Walden, editors, The Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom, Extant, Extinct or Dormant, new ed., 13 volumes in 14 (1910-1959; reprint in 6 volumes, Gloucester, U.K.: Alan Sutton Publishing, 2000), volume VII, page 121. Hereinafter cited as The Complete Peerage.
  • 3. [S323] Sir James Balfour Paul, The Scots Peerage: founded on Wood's edition of Sir Robert Douglas's The Peerage of Scotland (Edinburgh, Scotland: David Douglas, 1904), volume I, page 111. Hereinafter cited as The Scots Peerage.
  • 4. [S11] Alison Weir, Britain's Royal Family: A Complete Genealogy (London, U.K.: The Bodley Head, 1999), page 228. Hereinafter cited as Britain's Royal Family.
  • 5. [S323] Sir James Balfour Paul, The Scots Peerage, volume I, page 112.

Walter Ogilvy of Lintrathen, 1st Lord High Treasurer of Scotland is my 13th great grandfather.
   →  Pop 
your father →  Rufus S. Nichols 
his father →  Tressie (King) Nichols 
his mother →  Michael O. King 
her father →  Margaret (Wright) King 
his mother → James Wingfield Wright 
her father →  Mary Whitledge Grant 
his mother →  William Grant, of Crichie 
her father →  Elizabeth Grant 
his mother → William Leslie, X. Baron of Balquhain 
her father →  William Leslie, Ninth Baron of Balquhain 
his father →  John Leslie, Eighth Baron of Balquhain 
his father → Elizabeth Ogilvy 
his mother →  Sir Walter Ogilvie of Auchleven 
her father →  Sir Walter Ogilvy of Lintrathen, 1st Lord High Treasurer of Scotland 
his father


Friday, June 13, 2014

24. Samuel Austin Hancock #52ancestors

Number 24 on my ancestor list is my maternal 2nd great grandfather Samuel Austin Hancock.

Samuel Austin is the husband of Rhoda Ellen Lawrence and the father of Burrell Hancock. He was the son of Peter Hancock and Elizabeth Edwards and he was born in Patrick County, Virginia. Samuel and Rhoda were married in 1873 in Floyd County, Virginia. He was 21 and a farmer at the time. Samuel died before the 1910 census.

Hancock, Samuel Austin, Born Apr 15 1853 in Patrick County, Virginia, Died 1895 in Floyd County, Virginia 

Marriage #1: Rhoda E. Lawrence m. Samuel Austin Hancock 10-19-1873 at Amos Dickerson's, Floyd Co., VA by Amos Dickerson. He 21 yo single farmer, b. Patrick Co., VA & living in Floyd Co., VA, s/o Peter & Elizabeth Hancock. She single 20 yo, b. Montgomery Co., VA & living in Floyd Co., VA, d/o Thomas & Susan Lawrence.      

1890 Floyd Co., VA, Jacksonville District:
Hancock, Samuel A. 37 yo HOH.
Rhoda E. 37 yo
William F. 14 yo
Simon T. 13 yo (Simon Thomas m. 3-18-1897 Lula G. Burgess, d/o John L. & Eliza S.)
Henderson 12 yo.
Elizabeth 6 yo (m. 7-21-1898 Elmer Ratliff, s/o G. W. & Oney).
James W. 6 yo.
Mary E. 5 yo.
Floyd 3 yo.    
Elmer 1 yo. (m. 5-24-1916 Effie M. Burgess, d/o Chrisley)

1910 Floyd Co., VA, Court House District 46, H188:
Hancock, Rhoda E. 56 yo widowed w/f farmer, b. VA, 12 ch with 10 living, owns farm, HOH.
William H. 35 yo single son, b. VA, no occupation.
Mathew B. 26 yo single son, b. VA, carpenter of house construction.
Burwell 19 yo son, b. VA, laborer.
Samuel E. 14 yo son, b. VA, laborer.

While Burrell is 19 in the 1910 census, he is not mentioned in the 1890 census when he would have been 9 and living at home...

Their son J. Floyd Hancock died of TB in WV in 1933.

Their son Samuel Eldridge Hancock, Sr., was born in 1894 or 1896 in Floyd Co.

Samuel is my maternal 2nd great grandfather.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Cleoppatra, Queen of Egypt #52ancestors

Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator, Queen of Egypt is my 55th great grandmother.

→ Pop
your father → Mamie C. Nichols (Collins) 
his mother → David J. COLLINS 
her father → JOHN H. COLLINS 
his father → Elizabeth Boothe 
his mother → Abner Boothe 
her father → Isaac Boothe, Sr. 
his father → George Boothe, Sr. 
his father → Stephen Boothe, I 
his father → Rebecca Boothe 
his mother → Mary Morehouse (Hill) 
her mother → Eliphalet Hill 
her father → Elizabeth Hill 
his mother → Rev. John Jones, I 
her father → Elizabeth Bleythn Jones 
his mother → Thomas Morgan, Lord of Castell-Arnallt 
her father → Rowland Morgan, Lord of Castell-Arnallt 
his father → Elizabeth Vaughan 
his mother → Jane Vaughn 
her mother → Constance Whitney 
her mother → Eleanor Tuchet (de Holland), Baroness Audley 
her mother → Constance of York, Countess of Gloucester 
her mother → Isabella of Castile, Duchess consort of York 
her mother → María de Padilla 
her mother → María Fernández de Henestrosa 
her mother → Aldonza Ramirez - Senora de Alcanices 
her mother → Ramiro Fruelaz de Cifuentes, señor de Cifontes 
her father → Fruela Ramírez de Cifuentes 
his father → Ramiro Sánchez Froilaz de Cifuentes 
his father → Fruela Díaz de Cifuentes 
his father → Maria Pelayez de Cisneros 
his mother → Mayor González, Muniz 
her mother → Gontroda Núñez 
her mother → Munio de Álava, Momo de Vizcaya 
her father → Oneka ó Faquilene 
his mother → Abdul Yazid al Wallid * 
her father → Umm Kulthum bint Muhammad 
his mother → Khadijah al-Kubra (r.a.), 1st Mother of the Believers 
her mother → Khuwaylid bin As'sad bin `Abd al-`Uzza 
her father → As'sad bin `Abd al-`Uzza 
his father → Ḥubbaiy "Chavah" binte Hulail al-Ḵh̲uzāʿa 
his mother → Hulail Bin Hubshiyyah 
her father → Ḥubs̲h̲īya ibn Salūl al-Ḵh̲uzāʿa, Malik al-Ḵh̲uzāʿa 
his father → 'Amr Salūl ibn 'Amr Ka'b 
his father → 'Amr Ka'b ibn 'Amr 
his father → ʿĀmir Luḥaiy ibn Rabīʿa 
his father → Rabīʿa ibn Ḥārit̲h̲a 
his father → Ḥārit̲h̲a ibn Muzaikiya 
his father → T̲h̲aʿlaba ibn 'Amr Mazaykiya 
his father → ʿAmr Mazaykiya Tarifa ibn 'Amr Ma' Al-Sama 
his father → 'Amr Ma' Al-Sama ibn Harith Al-Ghitrif 
his father → Hareth al-Qhitrif ibn Th'labah 
his father → Iotapa of Emesa 
his mother → Drusilla of Mauretania 
her mother → Ptolemy II -egypt, King of Mauretania 
her father → Cleopatra Selene II, Queen of Mauretania 
his mother → Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator, Queen of Egypt 
her mother  

Marcus Antonius #52ancestors

Marcus Antonius "Mark Antony" is my 65th great grandfather.

   →  Pop 
your father →  Rufus S. Nichols 
his father →  Tressie (King) Nichols 
his mother →  Michael O. King 
her father →  Margaret (Wright) King 
his mother → James Wingfield Wright 
her father →  Mary Whitledge Grant 
his mother →  William Grant, of Crichie 
her father →  Elizabeth Grant 
his mother → William Leslie, X. Baron of Balquhain 
her father →  Janet "Jane" Forbes, Countess of Athlon 
his mother →  John Forbes, 6th Lord Forbes 
her father → William "Gray Willie" Forbes, 3rd Lord Forbes 
his father →  Egidia Forbes 
his mother →  Marjorie Fraser 
her mother →  Alexander Fraser of Lovat 
her father → Hugh Fraser, 3rd of Lovat 
his father →  Alexander Fraser, 3rd of Lovat & Brotherton 
his father →  Margaret of Orkney 
his mother →  Magnus Orkney, V 
her father → NN Magnusdatter (Orkney), Prinsesse av Norge 
his mother →  Ingeborg Eriksdatter af Danmark, Dronning av Norge 
her mother → Jutta von Sachsen, Dronning af Danmark 
her mother →  Duchess Agnes of Austria 
her mother →  Theodora Angelina, of Constantinople 
her mother → Eirene Komnèna, of Constantinople 
her mother →  ÁRPÁD(házi) Piroska► Eiréné, Byzantine Empress 
her mother → ÁRPÁD(házi) I. Szent László - St. Ladislaus I, King of Hungary 
her father → Richeza-Adelaide - Rixa LAMBERT, lengyel hercegnő, magyar királyné/ Queen of Hungary 
his mother →  Blessed Richeza of Lotharingia 
her mother → Mathilde von Sachsen, Princess of the Holy Roman Empire 
her mother →  Theophanu, Empress Consort 
her mother →  Constantine Skleros 
her father → Gregoria (PORPHYROGENETIA) of BYZANZ 
his mother →  Bardas 
her father →  Basileos MAMIKONEAN 
his father →  Bardas MAMIKONEAN 
his father → Hmayeak of Adrainople MAMIKONEAN 
his father →  Artavazd MAMIKONIAN 
his father →  Hmyayeak (Theodore) MAMIKONIAN 
his father →  Artavazd I Mamikonian 
his father →  Hamazasp II Mamikonian 
his father →  Dawith / David Mamikonian 
his father →  Vahan II Mamikonian 
his father → Mousegh I Mamikonian, Marzpan of Armenia, Sarapet Armenia 
his father →  Hmayeak II Mamikonian 
his father →  Vard Mamikonian 
his father → Saint Hmayeak I Mamikonian, Viceroy of Armenia 
his father →  Sahakanush 
his mother →  Isaac the Great of Armenia 
her father →  Saint Nerses I the Great 
his father → Bambish 
his mother →  Khosrov III, King of Armenia 
her father →  Tiridates III, King of Armenia 
his father →  Olympias, Princess of Bosphorus 
his mother → Rheskuporis IV, King of Bosphorus 
her father →  Sauromates II, King of Bosphorus 
his father →  Rhoimetalkes, King of Bosphorus 
his father → Cotys II, King of Bosphorus 
his father →  Sauromates I, King of Bosphorus 
his father →  Rhescuporis I, King of Bosphorus 
his father →  Cotys I, King of Bosphorus 
his father →  Gepaepirus of Thrace 
his mother →  Antonia Tryphaena 
her mother →  Pythodorida, Roman Client Queen of Pontus, Cilicia & Cappadocia 
her mother →  Antonia 
her mother →  Marcus Antonius "Mark Antony" 
her father



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