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Friday, July 28, 2017

Richard FitzRoger de Clare, 3rd Earl of Hertford, Magna Carta Surety

Richard FitzRoger de Clare, 3rd Earl of Hertford, Magna Carta Surety is your 20th great grandfather.  
   →  POP 
your father →  Rufus Samuel Nichols, R-CTS1751 
his father →  Tressie (King) Nichols 
his mother →  Michael O. King 
her father → Margaret (Wright) King 
his mother →  James GRANT Wright 
her father →  Mary Whitledge Wright 
his mother →  William Grant, of Crichie 
her father →  Elizabeth Grant 
his mother →  William Leslie, X. Baron of Balquhain 
her father →  William Leslie, Ninth Baron of Balquhain 
his father →  John Leslie, 8th Baron of Balquhain 
his father → Elizabeth Ogilvy 
his mother →  Sir Walter Ogilvie of Auchleven, Kt. 
her father →  Isobel de la Glen 
his mother →  Sir John Glen of Inchmartin and Balmuto 
her father → Margaret Bruce 
his mother →  Robert I the Bruce, King of Scots 
her father →  Robert de Bruce, 6th Lord of Annandale 
his father → Lady Isabel de Clare, of Gloucester and Hertford, 
his mother →  Gilbert de Clare, 4th Earl of Hertford, 5th Earl of Gloucester 
her father → Richard de Clare, 3rd Earl of Hertford 
his father   


Research has shown that my paternal ancestors from the MACNICOL clan of Scotland have the same Y-DNA as me and my NICHOLS ancestors.  Um in other words I am a descendant of the Clan MacNicol.  



Of the ancient races of the West and North which have been dignified with the title of the Great Clans, only one may be said to have fallen entirely to pieces in the course of time. The fact speaks volumes for the vitality of these warrior tribes, and the healthiness of the seemingly hard conditions amid which they lived and struggled. The conclusions of Skene in his Highlanders at Scotland have not always been approved by later writers, but it is worth noting that he identifies Clan Nicol with the Kairinoi of the early geographer Ptolemy. Skene identifies the Ness district of the Norwegian sagas with the region in the north-west of Scotland now known as Edyrachillis, Duirinish, and Assynt, and he declares that "the most ancient Gaelic clan which can be traced as inhabiting these districts is the clan Nicail or MacNicols". In the article on "Assynt" in the Statistical Account of Scotland, the Rev. William Mackenzie records that "Tradition and even documents declare that it was a forest of the ancient Thanes of Sutherland. One of these Prince Thanes gave it in vassalage to one Macrycul, who in ancient times held the coast of Coygeach, that part of it at the place presently called Ullapool. The noble Thane made Assynt over in the above manner as Mackrycul had recovered a great quantity of cattle carried off from the county of Sutherland by foreign invaders". Mackenzie adds in a note, "Mackrycul is reputed by the people here to be the potent man of whom are descended the Macnicols, Nicols, and Nicolsons". According to the Gaelic genealogical manuscript of 1450, on which Skene founds so much of his writing regarding the clans, this account is probably correct, for in that manuscript the descent of the Clan Nicail is traced in a direct line from a certain Gregall, who is obviously the Krycul of the tradition. Further, as the letters r and n are interchangeable in Gaelic, it can easily be seen how Macrycul became MacNicail or Mac'Nicol, of which the English translation is of course Nicolson. The recovery of the great herd of Sutherland cattle from Norwegian invaders is believed to have been accomplished by Macrycul or MacNicol of Coygeach some time in the twelfth century. To accomplish such a feat he must have been at the head of a considerable army or clan, so the probability is that the race of Krycul or Gregall had been chiefs at Ullapool for a long period before that. This would take their ancestry back to the days of Malcolm Canmore at least.
About the time of the battle of Bannockburn the line of the MacNicol chiefs ended in an heiress who married Torquil, a younger son of MacLeod of the Lewis, and the pair obtained a Crown charter of the lands of Assynt and others which had been the MacNicol property. From this marriage descended fourteen successive MacLeod lairds of Assynt. It was one of these MacLeods of Assynt who in 1650 earned the execration of the Highlanders by handing over the Great Marquess of Montrose to the Covenanting Government at whose head was his implacable enemy, the crafty Marquess of Argyll. MacLeod was then in money difficulties, which perhaps explained his willingness to earn the Government reward. Ten years later his chief creditor, the Earl of Seaforth, foreclosed his wadsets and took possession of the Assynt estates. Still later Assynt was purchased by the Sutherland family. The more northern part of the old MacNicol country remained in other hands till MacLeod of Edyrachillis and Morison of Duirinish took occasion to engage in a feud, whereupon their neighbours the MacKays, then at the height of their power, stepped in and wrested these estates from both families, and from that time Edyrachillis and Duirinish became parts of the Lord Reay's country.
Meanwhile, on the death of the last MacNicol of Coygeach, Assynt, Edyrachillis, and Duirinish, the chiefship of the clan had by patriarchal law, passed to the nearest male of the race, and the seat of this line was afterwards removed to Scoirebreac, a beautiful spot on the coast of Skye near Portree, Here they appear to have shown their piety, prevision, or ostentation by benefactions to the religious house, of which the ruins may yet be seen on an island at the head of Loch Snizort. A small chapel on the south side of the main buildings is still known as MacNicol's Aisle, and within it is to be seen the effigy of a warrior in conical helmet and long quilted coat or habergeon, who must have been a man of much power in his time.

Of one of these chiefs of Scoirebreac a tradition is recorded which furnishes a curious illustration of the ancient ideas of clan honour and the rules of blood vengeance. The chief concerned, known as MacNicol Mor, from his great size, was one day engaged in a warm discussion with MacLeod of Raasay, his neighbour across the sound. At the height of the debate MacLeod's servant came into the room. The two were talking in English, so the man did not know the meaning of what was said, but under the impression that a serious quarrel was on foot, he drew his sword and dealt MacNicol a blow from which he died. To decide how the deed should be avenged and a feud between the two families avoided, a meeting of chiefs and elders was at once called. These men of wisdom decided that as the MacNicol chief had been slain by the hand of a menial MacLeod, the Laird of Raasay should be beheaded by the meanest of MacNicol's clansmen. The humblest of the latter was found to be one Lomach, a maker of horse panniers, and by him Raasay was duly put to death. The execution took place near Snizort. At the fatal moment the victim was in the act of speaking, and so deftly did Lomach take off his head that as it rolled down the hill the onlookers distinctly heard the sounds "ip ip" from its lips. From this circumstance the little mount was afterwards known as Cnoc an h-ip. It is satisfactory to know that the sacrifice of the Laird of Raasay prevented all further shedding of blood between the MacLeods and the MacNicols.

Stories of the MacNicols of Scoirebreac come down to the beginning of the nineteenth century. About that time, according to the author of the letterpress in Milan's Clans of the Scottish Highlands, at a banquet of the clansmen given to celebrate some joyful occasion, there was a call for the bards to come to the upper end of the room. Convinced of the hopelessness of the summons MacNicol of Scoirebreac exclaimed, "The bards are extinct !" He was promptly taken to task by one of the company, Alastair bui' Mac Ivor, who retorted, "No, they are not extinct, but those who delighted to patronise them are gone".

While the seat of the MacNicol chiefs was in Skye there were many of the name scattered throughout the county of Argyl1, and of these there were several individuals whose characteristics or exploits have been perpetuated in tradition. One of them, reputed to be a seer, obtained the name of Gualan Crostadh from his rule never to look behind him. For the same reason he was also known as "an Teallsanach" or the Philosopher. As might be expected of such a personage, a crop of stories was long extant regarding him. Another of the clan, Gillespie MacNicol, attained fame by a rescue he effected at somewhat serious cost to himself. After the last Jacobite rising a widow's son had fallen into the hands of the of "red soldiers", as Government troops were called, and they were carrying him off, when the redoubtable Gillespie came to the rescue. Attacking the soldiers, he slew one or two, put the others to flight, and set the captive free. Unluckily, as he did so, he received a swordstroke in the face which carried off his nose.

Strangely enough, notwithstanding the evident importance of the MacNicols in their early days, the clan seems never to have had a tartan. After the beginning of the fourteenth century, when the heiress of the early line of chiefs married a MacLeod, they seem to have merged in the following of that clan, and probably they adopted the MacLeod tartan.

Among members of the clan who have attained more than local repute was the Rev. Donald MacNicol, whose best known work was his defence of the Highlands against the accusations made by Dr. Samuel Johnson in his Journey to the Hebrides. Of the same period also were the Rev. Francis Nicoll, D.D., Principal of St.Leonard's and St.Salvator's Colleges, St.Andrews, and Robert Nicoll, the poet who became editor of the Leeds Times in 1836. Still later were the Nichols, father and son, professors, one of astronomy and the other of English literature at Glasgow University. There was also Alexander Nicolson, the Gaelic scholar who died Sheriff-Substitute of Greenock in 1893. He is chiefly remembered by his revision of the Gaelic Bible and his collection of Gaelic proverbs. One of the ablest journalists of recent times, too, was Sir William Robertson Nicol, founder of The British Weekly and "discoverer" of Sir J.M. Barrie and other well-known writers.

It should be noted that the lowland name Nicholson, once represented by the Nicholsons of Carnock, a family now merged, with the Shaws of Greenock, in that of the Stewarts of Blackhall and Ardgowan, are not of the MacNicol clan. Their name, like that of the English Nicholls, is derived from the original form Nicholas.


Friday, July 21, 2017

Hugh Bigod, 3rd Earl of Norfolk, Surety of the Magna Carta

Hugh Bigod, 3rd Earl of Norfolk, Surety of the Magna Carta is my 21st great grandfather.

→ Mom
your mother → Pvt. Garnett Hancock, WWII Veteran
her father → Burrell H Hancock
his father → Samuel Austin Hancock
his father → Elizabeth Edwards Hancock
his mother → Brice Edwards
her father → Olive Edwards
his mother → Capt Joseph Martin, Sr., of Albemarle
her father → William Martin, merchant of Bristol
his father → Capt. John Martin, of Pale Park
his father → Thomas Martin, of Parkpole
his father → Robert Martin, of Athelhampton
his father → Lady Marie Martin
his mother → James Daubeney
her father → Alice Hill
his mother → John Stourton, of Preston, MP
her father → Jane Basset, of Sapcote
his mother → Joan Beauchamp, Lady
her mother → Thomas de Beauchamp, 11th Earl of Warwick
her father → Guy de Beauchamp, 10th Earl of Warwick
his father → Maud FitzJohn, Countess of Warwick
his mother → Isabel Fitzgeoffrey
her mother → Hugh Bigod, 3rd Earl of Norfolk
her father


Friday, July 14, 2017

Roger le Bigod, 2nd Earl of Norfolk, Magna Carta Surety

Roger le Bigod, 2nd Earl of Norfolk, Magna Carta Surety is your 22nd great grandfather.
   →  Mom
your mother →  Pvt. Garnett Hancock, WWII Veteran
her father →  Burrell H Hancock
his father →  Samuel Austin Hancock
his father → Elizabeth Edwards Hancock
his mother →  Brice Edwards
her father →  Olive Edwards
his mother →  Capt Joseph Martin, Sr., of Albemarle
her father → William Martin, merchant of Bristol
his father →  Capt. John Martin, of Pale Park
his father →  Thomas Martin, of Parkpole
his father → Robert Martin, of Athelhampton
his father →  Lady Marie Martin
his mother →  James Daubeney
her father →  Alice Hill
his mother →  John Stourton, of Preston, MP
her father → Jane Basset, of Sapcote
his mother →  Joan Beauchamp, Lady
her mother →  Thomas de Beauchamp, 11th Earl of Warwick
her father → Guy de Beauchamp, 10th Earl of Warwick
his father →  Maud FitzJohn, Countess of Warwick
his mother →  Isabel Fitzgeoffrey
her mother → Hugh Bigod, 3rd Earl of Norfolk
her father →  Roger le Bigod, 2nd Earl of Norfolk
his father


Tuesday, July 11, 2017


The following is a newspaper article from 1895 about my third great grandmother Deborah SHINAULT.

THE YADKIN VALLEY NEWS, Thursday, March 28, 1895
The Witch of the Chestnut Ridge Dead 
A correspondent gives the following account of the death of a noted character in this section. Deborah Johnson, nee Shinault, died at her home on Indian Graves Gap in Chestnut Ridge, a few days ago. she was 88 years old and had practied her craft since a young girl. She has relieved the palpitation of many young hearts in their first experience in courtship by assuring them that their suit would be finally successful. Many people came great distances to ascertain who was the thief when losing property or money, and many are the miraculous stories told of finding things by following her directions, such as bunch cotton burried in a swamp, money hid in hollow stumps, &c &c , One man, not many years ago, rode 18 miles and back to find out which way he should un his smut machine, whether with or against the sun. she advised him to run it with the sun. He returned home, followed her directions and succeeded in getting up a good flouring mill.



Friday, July 7, 2017

William III "Brito" d'Aubigny, Lord of Belvoir, Magna Carta Surety

William III "Brito" d'Aubigny, Lord of Belvoir, Magna Carta Surety is my 23rd great grandfather.
   →  POP
your father →  Mamie C. Nichols (Collins)
his mother →  Martha CALLIE Collins
her mother →  Nancy Rachel Bartlett (KING)
her mother → Sarah Ann King (Bartlett)
her mother →  Reuben S. BARTLETT
her father →  John??? Garner Bartlett
his father →  WILLIAM BARTLETT
his father →  WILLIAM BERKLEY
his father →  Margaret Bartlett
his mother →  Margaret Brent
her mother →  Sir John Peshall, 1st Baronet
her father →  Thomas Pershall (Pearsall) (Persall)
his father → Isabella Pearsall
his mother →  Mary Rolleston
her mother →  Anne Talbot
her mother →  Lady Elizabeth Butler
her mother →  James 'the White Earl' Butler, 4th Earl of Ormond
her father →  Anne Butler, Countess of Ormond
his mother →  Maud de Ros, Lady Welles
her mother →  William de Ros, 2nd Lord de Ros of Helmsley
her father → William de Ros, 1st Lord de Ros of Helmsley, Joint Lord and Warden of Scotland
his father →  Isabel d'Aubigny, Heiress of Belvoir
his mother → William IV "The Lion" d'Aubigny, Lord of Belvoir
her father →  William III "Brito" d'Aubigny, Lord of Belvoir
his father




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