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Friday, December 30, 2016

Another brick in the wall... Anthony King Sr.

MY 4th Great Grandfather Anthony King Sr. was born in New Jersey and married Dorces Pickle. His son Anthony Junior was the father of my 2nd Great Grandfather Mike King. It is unclear at this time who his parents were.

In the 1850 census he is living with his son and his family in Floyd, Virginia. There is no known records to connect him with any parents at this time, we call this lack of sources a wall in the family history blogosphere...

Friday, December 23, 2016


WILLIAM HANCOCK SR. OF JAMESTOWN was the immigrant ancestor of my Hancock line who came to Jamestown to establish a settlement and was killed by "savages" at Thorpe's House in Berkeley Hundred Plantation ... 

He was a member of The Virginia Company of London which was a group of businessmen who were granted a charter by King James I (June 1606) for the purpose of establishing a settlement in the Chesapeake area of Virginia. The first settlement was established at Jamestown in 1607. As an investor in the Virginia Company, William traveled to Jamestown in 1619. According to an old Hancock family Bible, William left England on the ship ?Margaret of Bristol? sailing through the Bristol Channel on Sept 16, 1619. Leaving his family behind in England, he was coming to search for lumber for his ship-building business. [I cannot find William Hancock listed on a record of this ship]

This group of 39 people set foot in Virginia on Dec. 4, 1619 and proclaimed it a day of Thanksgiving. That location became Berkeley Hundred Plantation, a small village. William Hancock lived at Capt. George Thorpe?s house, who wanted to help convert and civilize the Indians. (This was on the north bank of the James River in what is now Charles City County, Va) 

On Good Friday, 22 March 1622 the settlement was attacked by Indians and William was among the 347 who were massacred. Other settlements were attacked also, including Wolstenholme Towne, built in 1620 on the Martin?s Hundred land grant (now James City County). Those killed in this massacre are supposed to be buried at Carter Plantation.

In 1630, three of William's son Augustine came to Virginia to claim his father?s vast estate. Son Simon came in 1635, settling in Princess Anne County, and son William came in 1638. Augustine, Simon and William became wealthy, prominent planters in VA.

In "The Genesis of the United States", page 217, there is listed among the Corporators of the Second Charter of James-1, 1609, the name of WILLIAM HANDCOCK, and on page 909 is the entry:
"Handcock, Wm., Sub-Paid 62 pounds 10 shillings, 5 pence."
See - http://archive.org/stream/genesisofuniteds02brow#page/1100/mode/2up/search/William

In the old family Bible there is written: "in the year 1620. Wm. Handcock in search of forest for his building of ships embarked for ye plantation, being one of the company owners thereof, leaving his
family in England. On the 22nd of March 1622, he, with others, was massacred by the savages at Thorpe's House, Berkeley Hundred, fifty miles from Charles City."

VA Historical Collections, Vol 8, p. 278 - confirms the death of William Hancock at Berkeley Hundred Plantation.

Read an ancient account of the massacre at:

See also:


Friday, December 16, 2016


Info found at S. Bray's site at Rootsweb:

  • Name: Jr. Nicholls SIMON
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 1642 in England-Scotland
  • Death: 1749 in Prince George's Co., MD

  • Note: Simon Nicholls was the Cryer at the Prince George's County Court and General Assembly from 1699 to 1737. He was put in the town stocks for being drunk in public. Simon lived to be 106 years old.

    THOMAS HANCOCKE born 1525 had at least one son, his birth was recorded in London about 1550.

    THOMAS HANCOCKE II was the father of WILLIAM HANCOCK of JAMESTOWN, who was killed in Jamestown by Indians in 1622.  William was the immigrant ancestor of my line. Three of his sons came to America later to claim his property. William was born about 1575....

    Friday, December 9, 2016


    [Gr-GrandChildren of [E]. Thomas BARTLETT m Margaret BRENT]

    [GrandChildren of [E1] William BERKLEY 1690-1761; 1m a1717 Jane GARDNER; 2m 1723 Elizabeth HANCOCK]

    [Children of [E1C]. William BARTLETT [?BERKLEY] c1722-1804 m a1743 Mary _____

    [E1C1]. Gardner BARTLETT b a1750 VA; Wd 1811 Montgomery Co, VA; m Ellender/Eliner bc 1752

    -1765 Loudoun Co, VA Tithables: Garner BARTLETT [listed with Joshua WILSON]

    -1769 Loudoun Co, VA Tithables: Garner BARKLEY

    -1786-95 Berkeley Co, VA PPTL: Garner BARTLETT 1 Tithe; 0 Slaves; 5 Horses; 7 Cattle [1787=George BERTLET; 1790=missing record; 1791=Gardner; 1793-4=not in record; 1795=Garnett]

    -1787 Berkeley Co, VA Lease to Garner BARTLETT; mentions sons William and Reubin

    -1795 Botetourt Co, VA Deed 173 acres to Garner BARTLETT (also referred to as James BARTLETT) [what happened to land??]

    -1798-1811 Montgomery Co, VA PPTL: Garner BARTLETT (1810=Garnet)

    -1800 Botetourt Co, VA LG: Garner BARTLETT [what happened to land??]

    -1804 Loudoun Co, VA Will [G:261,2] 19 Mar 1804;p 8 Oct 1804: William BARTLETT: wife Mary; land to son Thomas (wife to live with and be supported by ... Thomas BARTLETT); ch: Gardner, John, Samuel, William, Daniel, Stacey - John GORES’s wife; Betsey HIERONIMUS and Ally Theary. Ex: sons Thomas and Samuel; Sig: William (his X mark) BARTLETT Wit: Wm FOWKE; Asa SQUIRES, Ignatious JONES.

    -1810 Montgomery Co, VA Census [M1]: Garnet BARTLETT 00001-00100-05 [Garnet b bef 1765; wife dec’d?] (record adj to Reuben]

    -1811 Montgomery Co, VA; prob Nov 1811: Will of Gardner BARTLETT: ch: Wm, Reuben, John, Thomas, Lydia TOWNSLEY, 3 not named

    A. William BARTLETT b a1775-80 VA; d 1836-7; m 27 Jan 1800 Frederick Co, VA Lydia POWELL b c1778 Berkeley Co, VA (Robert+ )

    B. Reuben BARTLETT b a1776-80 VA; 1m prob c1802; m 5 Apr 1808 Montgomery Co, VA [M1,2,3] Elizabeth JACKSON (Isaac)

    C. Lydia BARTLETT b 26 Jun 1783 VA; m 5 May 1807 Montgomery Co, VA Joseph TOWNSLEY(James Wp1812+Margaret)

    D. John H BARTLETT b 9 Dec 1785 VA ; d 17 Apr 1845 Warren Co, IN (Bartlett Cem, Pine Twp); m 18 Apr 1813 Botetourt Co, VA Hester HINKLE b 25 Aug 1794 VA; d 13 Aug 1844 Warren Co, IN[IGI] (Rev John + Magdalena GANDIS) (1820’s to Warren Co, IN) [cf Shen Co] [all ch below per AF] [info attributed to John H BARTLETT, son of John G BARTLETT of Henry Co, VA]

    E. Betsy BARTLETT b 1786 VA; m 1 Dec 1807 Montgomery Co, VA Thomas LITTERAL

    F? Martha BARTLETT b 1789?

    G. Thomas BARTLETT b 16 Jun 1790 VA; d 29 Jun 1862 Warren Co, IN (Bartlett Cem, Pine Twp); m 19 Nov 1816 Franklin Co, VA Sabrina HILL b 1 Apr 1792 Frederick Co, VA; d 10 Dec 1866 Warren Co, IN;

    [Sabrina HILL reported a niece of Thomas JEFFERSON]


    [E1C]. William BARTLETT [?BERKLEY] b a1722 Westmoreland Co, VA; d 1804 Wp 1804 Loudoun Co, VA; m a1743 Westmoreland Co, VA Mary GARDNER or JANNEY b a1725 (of Westmoreland Co, VA); d aft 1804

    -1743-58 moved Westmoreland to Fairfax (Loudoun part) Co, VA

    -1749 Fairfax Co, VA Tithables: William BERKLEY Jr 1 white

    [1757 Loudoun Co, VA fm Fairfax]

    -1771 Loudoun Co, VA; Deed: Lord Thomas FAIRFAX to William BARTLETT

    -1771 Loudoun Co, VA; Northern Neck Land Grants [1:186] 7 Jan 1771: William BARTLETT of Loudoun Co 504 acres on Blue Ridge in said Co. Land survey for Francis DADE by John HOUGH 26 Apr 1763. DADE did not comply with advertisement of 26 Mar 1765 recorded in Book N. Grant to BARTLET adj. Dr TURNER & Thomas SUDDEN

    -1771 Loudoun Co, VA Rental Rolls William BARTLETT

    -1772 Loudoun Co, VA Rental Rolls William BARTLETT

    -1776 Loudoun Co, VA; Shelburne Par Tithables: William BARTLETT w/John and Samuel BARTLETT [Saml ~16; b c1760]

    -1782 Loudoun Co, VA Pers Property Tax List: Wm BARTLET 2 white; 0 black [prob Wm Sr & Thoas abt 16]

    -1783 Wm BARTLETT & wife Mary of Loudoun Co, VA sell land sold to BARTLETT 7 Jan 1771 to Thomas HUMPHREY

    -1804 Loudoun Co, VA Will [G:261,2] 19 Mar 1804;p 8 Oct 1804: William BARTLETT: wife Mary; land to son Thomas (wife to live with and be supported by ... Thomas BARTLETT); ch: Gardner, John, Samuel, William, Daniel, Stacey - John GORES’s wife; Betsey HIERONIMUS and Ally Theary. Ex: sons Thomas and Samuel; Sig: William (his X mark) BARTLETT Wit: Wm FOWKE; Asa SQUIRES, Ignatious JONES.

    + 1. Gardner BARTLETT b a1750 VA; Wd 1811 Montgomery Co, VA; m Ellender bc 1752


    + 2. John BARTLETT b a1752 VA; ?d Clark Co, KY [NOT m Susanna LINTON]

    [another John BERKLEY/BARTLETT b 1763 King George Co, VA went to Scott Co, KY]

    + 3. William BARTLETT b a1755 VA; ?d Clark Co, KY [cf Wm b 1755 m 1778 Fauquier Sally RECTORb1755]

    + 4. Stacey BARTLETT b a1758 Fairfax Co, VA m John GORE did they go to Clark Co, KY, too??

    + 5. Daniel BARTLETT b a1760 Fairfax Co, VA; d 13 Feb 1852 Clark Co, KY; m Susannah


    + 6. Samuel BERKLEY b a1760; d aft 3 May 1816 Boones Ck, Clark Co, KY; m Mary 10 ch; move to KY a 1808

    + 7. Elizabeth “Betsy” BERKLEY b a1751 VA; d Clark Co, KY 1m <1768 Henry OLDAKER/OLDACRE b 1748 VA; d 1785 Loudoun Co, VA; 7ch; 2m 1785 Loudoun Co, VA Henry HIERONIMOUSE d 1808 Clark Co, KY

    + 8. Thomas BARTLETT b a1766 Fairfax Co, VA m [prob abt 1788] Ann BURGESS

    + 9. Alethia “Ala”, “Ally Tiery” BARTLETT b a1769 Fairfax Co, VA

    + ?10. Sarah BARTLETT b 1770 Westmoreland Co, VA

    [E1] Wm 2m 1723 Elizabeth HANCOCK



    [Children of [E]. Thomas BARTLETT m Margaret BRENT]

    [E1]. William BERKELEY b 18 Nov 1690 Overwhaton Par, Stafford Co, VA; Wd 5 Nov 1761 Fairfax Co, VA; 1m a1717 Jane GARDNER b a1694 (of Cople Par, Westmoreland Co, VA); d a1723 Westmoreland Co, VA; 2m 1723 Elizabeth HANCOCK [IGI] b c1698 ; Wr 26 May 1772 [B:9] Loudoun Co, VA

    -1698 Westmoreland Co, VA; Order 30 Nov. 1698: William BARTLETT, son of Thomas BARTLETT, being eight yeares of age the eighteenth instant, is with his father’s consent bound apprentice to Henry Wharton of this County and Elizabeth his wife to live with them or the longer liver of them until he attain to the full age of one and twenty yeares, during which tyme hee shall faithfully and diligently serve them in all matters as they shall have occasion to employ him in. And Henry Wharton doth agree that hee will before the expiration of the time teach and instruct his apprentice in the art of mistery of a cooper and carpenter after the best manner that he can. [does this put Williams’s birthday at 18 Nov 1690? ... jvb]

    -a1717 William BERKELEY/BARTLETT lived Westmoreland Co, VA

    -1720 Westmoreland Co, VA; Deeds & Wills 18 Feb 1719/20: Dorcas Carter. Inventory. Made in obedience to order of 30 Sept. 1719. Total valuation £8.5.5. Wm. BARKLEY, Jno. Medford, George South; Ret: 24 Feb 1719/20

    -1722 In the record William BERKLEY selling land in Westmoreland Co. he had bought the 100 acres of land from William LORD and Henry NEALE on Jan. 29, 1722, in Westmoreland Co. There are no printed records for Westmoreland Co. for that time, but the LDS has Deeds and Wills, Vol. 7, 1720-23 available.

    -1727 Westmoreland Co, VA; Deed [DB:] 19 Mar 1727: I William BERKLEY of Stafford Co. appoint Capt. George Turberville of Westmoreland Co. my attorney for me ... in the County Court of Westmoreland certain deeds by way of lease and release for ye conveying of one hundred acres of land from me, said William BERKLEY, unto Wharton RANSDELL and his heirs, together with a bond for the performance of the covenants in the said deeds mentioned, which said deeds and bonds bear even date with these presents. Dated 19 March, 1727. Wit: Thos. STURMAN, Thos. CHILTON. At a Court in Westmoreland 27 March, 1728, power of attorney from BERKLEY to Turbeville was proved by oaths of witnesses and recorded on 1 April 1728. [Continued] This indenture, 18 March, 1727, between WilliamBERKLEY of Overwharton in Stafford Co., planter, one part, and Wharton RANSDELL of Cople Parish, Westmoreland Co., the other part; for 5 shillings, 100 acres in Cople Parish in Westmoreland Co., being part of a patent formerly granted to Mr. John LORD and Mr. Wm. HORTON, dated 17 April, 1667; and by sundry mean conveyances & settlements became the just right and inheritance of Wm. LORD, Gent., son of Mr. John LORD and Henry NEALE his grandson, both of whom by deed of sale dated 29 Jan. 1722, sold and conveyed the 100 acres unto William BERKLEY, bounded: John COCKERILL, Richard SANFORD, Ashton, HINSON, Nicholas MINOR, Patrick SPENCE; [it appears possible to me that Wharton RANSDELL is related to Wm BERKLEY, prob sil ... jvb]

    -c1727 move to Stafford Co, VA

    -1729 Westmoreland Co, VA; Deed [DB8:117] 14 May 1729: Elizabeth BARTLETT [BERKLEY] wife of William BARTLITT, planter, of Stafford Co. grants power of attorney to George Turbevile to relinquish her dower right in the 100 acres in Westmoreland deeded from WilliamBARTLETT to Wharton RANSDELL. Wit: Edw. BARRADAL, James WHATLEY. At a Court in Westmoreland Co. 28 May, 1729, power of attorney is presented by George Turbeville, and witnesses above, relinquishment is proved. Rec. 30 May 1729. [You can see from this record that it's referring to the same area in which William BERKLEY owned land in Westmoreland Co., and which he sold to Wharton RANSDELL, with George Turbeville being his attorney. The record shows that William BERKLEY was a resident of Stafford Co. when he sold the 100 acres in 1727. But the land was in Westmoreland Co. Does this mean that he had originally lived in Westmoreland Co.? ... Ed Dolan]

    -1730 Stafford Co, VA: John WAUGH of Overwharton Par, Stafford Co, VA gave lease to WilliamBERKLEY adj to Paul TURLEY

    -1731 Pr William Co, VA; Deed [A:16-71] 20 Jul 1731: Wm MOORE of Par of Hamilton, Pr Wm Co, VA, Planter, and Edw. BARRY of same ... for 2000 lbs tobacco ... 110 acres, head of a branch onto Difficult Run. Wit: ... Will BERKLEY

    -1737 King George Co, VA; Deed 2 Jun 1737: I Edward Turbeville do authorize Capt: Joseph Berry in King George County..to relinquish all Right of Dower and thirds..I have in tract of Land by virtue of my marriage with Sarah the late Widdow and relict of William Willis her former husband Deceased, and now sold by her son John Willis to Churchwardens of Parish Hanover Deed equal date with these Presents..Wit: Thomas Catlett, E: Turbeville Wm.BARTLETT, Archd: McPherson. [cf - this Wm BARTLETT is certainly William BERKLEY of Stafford Co – see BARTLETT/TURBEVILLE in Westmoreland Co records of this time frame ... jvb]

    -1737 Westmoreland Co, VA; Deeds & Wills 28 Nov 1737: (On margin: Veale's release to Bush) Indenture ...between Morrice Veal of Prince William Co. one part and Edward Bush of Westmoreland Co. the other part; for 5,000 lbs. good tobacco, 100 acres in Westmoreland Co. and Washington Parish being part of a parcel granted to Morrice Veal, father of aforesaid Veal, for 200 acres, bounded by: head of Pope's Creek. Sig: Morris VEAL; Wit: ... Willm: BERKLEY.

    -1738 Westmoreland Co, VA; Deeds & Wills 31Oct 1738: Will of John Popham of Washington Parish, Westmoreland Co. Mentions: son John Popham, the house, plantation & land on which I now live; and like wise the tract purchased from James Butler; and that tract bought of Howsin Hooe, all of which lies in Westmoreland; in case of his decease without issue, then the above mentioned land to daughters Sophia, Mary & Anne. Item: My tract of 500 acres of land situated and lying and being near Frying Pan Run in Prince William Co. which I purchased of William BERKLEY, I leave to be disposed of by my my executors in trust, and the proceeds to go to daughters Sophia, Mary & Ann, and granddaughter Constant Comfort Littleton... Item: To loving wife Rachel, one Negro man named Ben; and a horse named Roane.

    -1749 Fairfax Co, VA Tithables: William BERKLEY 2 white; 3 Negro

    [1757 Loudoun Co from Fairfax]

    -1760 Fairfax Co, VA; Deed [D:676-81] 19/20 May 1760 Indenture btwn William BERKLEY, Senr of county of Fairfax, Planter, and George Wm FAIRFAX of same …. For 36p 12s sold … 183 acres n sd Accotink Ck

    -1761 Fairfax Co, VA Will 5 Nov 1761 [B-309-15]: William BERKLEY; wife Elizabeth; rec 16 Feb 1762

    -1772 Loudoun Co, VA Will of Elizabeth BARTLETT: grdau Ann LINTON; sons John, Reuben, dau Martha HANCOCK



    ]. Thomas BARTLETT m Margaret BRENT

    -1667 Westmoreland Co, VA; Order 14 May 1677: The cause depending between Tho. BARTLEY and Edwd. BRADBOURN on which order passed against Mr. Jno. FRODSHAM, high sherrife, for his appearance,

    [1676 ENGLAND: Will 22 Jul 1676: Will of William BRENT … dau Margaret, wife of ThomasBARTLETT of Evesham [Worcestershire, England (100 mi nw of London)] [Va Mag of Hist & Biog. Vol 6 pub 1898] [could this be a match?… jvb]

    -1684 Westmoreland Co, VA; Order 25 June 1684: Thomas BERKELEY is excused leavies from this time by order of this Court.

    -1686 Westmoreland Co, VA; Order 31 March 1686: Thomas WILSON’s will further proved by Thomas BEARKLEY

    -1692 Westmoreland Co, VA; Order; 24 Mar 1692: Tho. BARTLETT vs Miles HARLOW, dismissed

    -1696 Westmoreland Co, VA; Order; [207A] 28 May 1696: Margarett BARTLETT, wife of ThomasBARTLETT, being summoned to give her evidence in a suite between Gerrard NEWTON and Henry SUTTON.

    -1696/7 Westmoreland Co, VA; Order; [:230]24 Feb 1696/7: Margarett BARTLETT has like order against Gardner for ten days attendance

    -1698 Westmoreland Co, VA; Order 30 Nov. 1698: William BARTLETT, son of Thomas BARTLETT, being eight yeares of age the eighteenth instant, is with his father’s consent bound apprentice to Henry WHARTON of this County and Elizabeth his wife to live with them or the longer liver of them until he attain to the full age of one and twenty yeares, during which tyme hee shall faithfully and diligently serve them in all matters as they shall have occasion to employ him in. And Henry Wharton doth agree that hee will before the expiration of the time teach and instruct his apprentice in the art of mistery of a cooper and carpenter after the best manner that he can. [does this put Williams’s birthday at 18 Nov 1690? ... jvb]

    -1700 Westmoreland Co, VA; Order [1698-1704:89a] 28 Aug. 1700: The last will and testament of Thomas BARTLETT was proved by James ELLIS and Eliza. DARMOUTH witnesses thereto, a probat granted John BARTLETT, executor therein named. Also ordered that Abraham SMITH, Thomas TANNER, James HASLERIGG, William HASLERIGG and Thomas CHANDLER appraise the estate.

    1. William BERKELEY b 18 Nov 1690 Overwhaton Par, Stafford Co, VA; Wd 5 Nov 1761 Fairfax Co, VA; 1m a1717 Jane GARDNER b a1694 (of Cople Par, Westmoreland Co, VA); d a1723 Westmoreland Co, VA; 2m 1723 Elizabeth HANCOCK [IGI] b c1698 ; Wr 26 May 1772 [B:9] Loudoun Co, VA

    3. John BERKLEY Wd 1732 Westmoreland Co, VA; m Elizabeth

    [cf K2B1 John BARTLETT d1750 King Geo]



    The oldest known ancestor of the Hancock line is Richard Hancocke of Chesterfield. He had at least one son named John.

    i. 1480 - RICHARD HANCOCKE was born in 1480 in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England. He died after 1506.
    ii. 1506- JOHN HANCOCKE (son of Richard HANCOCKE) was born in 1506 in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England. He died after 1536.

    John had at least two sons, Thomas and Richard. Thomas was my ancestor and his brother Richard was the ancestor of President John Hancock, the signer of the Declaration of Independence.

    1525 - Thomas, son of John, was born in England. THOMAS HANCOCK ( John , Richard) was born in 1525 in St Mary Woolnot, London, London, England. He died after 1550 in Devon, England.

    Friday, December 2, 2016


    MOSES LINVILL was born about 1750ish in NC, where my LINVILL line was living at the time...
    Now then, in the 1790 census... about 40 years later, he is in two places at once. Stokes and Surry County.... no, he was not a magician... The other Moses was probably a son or cousin of his at the time.... And the two appear again later in the 1820 census, one in Surry and one in Stokes... so there is no doubt at this point that one of the two Moses may not have been an ancestor of mine but was actually a cousin or son...  

    Lets look a little further down the line to a definite ancestor of mine named Moses Linvill, who lived in Surry NC and married Henrietta White... Moses and Henrietta had a son named Robert who married Margaret Elizabeth Johnson in Surry NC... Moses was born about 1813 in Surry NC according to his 1850 census, and so he probably was not the Moses who was in the 1790 Census or the other Moses in Stokes County then either...   He also would not have been in the 1800 or 1810 censuses when the two older Moses Linvills were alive... He would have been in the 1820 census of Surry but the census people did not put needed facts on the census until 1850 and as only the head of house was listed in those early censuses, There were probably at least three Moses Linvills in the state that year...

    Was he descended from the older 1750 Moses?  Could be. Both were born in the Surry District of North Carolina. I know for sure that the 1813 Moses married Henrietta White.... But who were his parents??? Different researchers have different theories on that... Pretty sure they were in Surry in 1813 though...

    And while at least one of these Moses was in the War of 1812, it was probably not the one born in 1813. And the one born in 1750 was probably not the one who was in the Civil War.... Just because hints have the right name does not always mean that they are the same person...

    There are at least three Moses Linvills in Surry County NC history, and at least one of them is my ancestor... Dont jump to conclusions... Keep digging and cite your sources...

    See ya in the trees...

    1802 Nov 10 - Will of John D. Hancock

    1802 Nov 10 - Will of John Hancock:

    "In the name of God Amen. I, John Hancock, of the county of Patrick, being in good health and in my perfect sense and memory, thanks be to God for the mercies conferred upon me, but knowing the certainty of death and that it is appointed unto all men once to die, I do make, constitute and appoint this my last will and testament; first, I commend my soul to the hand of the Almighty God who gave it, hoping through the meritous cross and passion of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to receive a free and full pardon of all of my sins committed who I trust will not reject me when I come to him for mercy; my body I give to the earth to be decently buried according to the will of my executor hereinafter mentioned, and as for all the rest of my temporal estate which it has pleased almighty God indow me with, I give and bequeath as followeth:
    Item. I give and bequeath to my son, Lewis Hancock the land whereon I lived in the county of Fluvanna, to him and his heirs forever.
    Item. I so lend to my well beloved wife, my whole and sole estate in doors and out doors during her natural life or widowhood, and after her decease, my will and pleasure is that my son, William Hancock should have a part of the land whereon I now live; that is from the end of the mill dam on the ridge to the north line to him and his heirs forever.
    Item. The remainder part from there down, I give and bequeath to my son Major Hancock to him and his heirs forever.
    Item. I give and bequeath to my son Benjamin Hancock all my wearing clothes. [He had previously given Benjamin a farm of 182 acres on Cunningham Creek in Fluvanna Co., VA]
    Item. And after the decease of my wife, my will and desire it that the rest of my estate be equally divided between my five daughters and my son William Hancock, to-wit: Nancy Corn, Rodie Lane,Elizabeth Mayo, Judath Mayo, and Susannah Hancock.
    Item. And proportionable part with them to be given to my daughter Mary Morrison's two eldest children, to-wit: Allen Morrison and Jency Morrison, to be sold and equally divided among them according to the will of my executor hereinafter mentioned, to them and their heirs forever.
    Item. And I do appoint my son William Hancock my whole and sole executor of this my last will and testament, revoking and making void all other wills by me made heretofore.
    In witness whereof I have unto set my hand and affixed my seal this the 10th day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and two.
    Interlined before assigned
    John Hancock L. S.
    Barna Bas Balisle
    C. John Scott X his mark
    Mary W. Thompson X her mark
    Patrick County, December Court 1802.

    Returned Dec. Ct. 1802
    p.46 Date: None
    Item: Inventory of John Hancock estate,
    Includes: Cattle, horses, plantation equipment, household furniture, sheep and books.
    Also, cotton due from George Lain.
    83/4 gal. brandy due from W. J. Mayo, also same amount due next Oct.
    Total: $382.17
    Appraisers: David Harbour, Moses Harbour and Danridge Slaught

    He is buried on the Northeast slope of Bull Mountain.





    10th great-grandfather




    COL. WILLIAM HATCHER JR (1683 - 1770)

    RICHARD WARD HATCHER (1731 - 1814)

    Judith Hatcher (1772 - 1819)
    daughter of RICHARD WARD HATCHER

    John M. Nichols R-CTS1751 3XGG (1814 - 1861)
    son of Judith Hatcher

    Ezekiel Hankin Nichols 2XGG R-CTS1751 (1849 - 1920)
    son of John M. Nichols R-CTS1751 3XGG

    James Ira "Jim" Nichols R-CTS1751 (1872 - 1936)
    son of Ezekiel Hankin Nichols 2XGG R-CTS1751

    Rufus Samuel Nichols R-CTS1751 (1893 - 1958)
    son of James Ira "Jim" Nichols R-CTS1751

    POP NICHOLS R-M269 (1936 - )
    son of Rufus Samuel Nichols R-CTS1751

    Raymond Nichols R-CTS1751

    Friday, November 25, 2016



    TAYLOR-THARP-SANDERS-Searching for parents and siblings of Pleasant Coleman TAYLOR, b. ca. 1815 NC, d. 24 May 1893 Max Meadows, Wythe Co., VA; m. Jane Reed THARP ca. 1840 probably Surry Co., NC, d/o Jonathan THARP and Eliza Ann SAUNDERS. In 1821 Pleasant TAYLOR and two sisters, Milly and Polly were orphans remaining in the care of Mary TAYLOR. Have been unable to locate any further information on Milly, Polly or Mary TAYLOR.

    Rita Maberry



    John D. Hancock was born 1733 in James Northern Parish, Goochland Co, Va (or born 1730-35, New Kent Co, Va).
    He is listed on the DAR Patriot Index as: "Hancock, John, b abt 1733 VA, d p 11- -1802, m Elizabeth Maddox, PS (patriotic service) VA"
    He was a member of the Church of England.

    1755 is the earliest record of John "D." Hancock in "The Douglas Register" where his marriage listed.
    He married Elizabeth Maddox, dau. of John and Elizabeth Maddox, of Goochland (pink on map below) and Powhatan Counties, Va. Rev. William Douglas (of the "Douglas Register of Goochland") officiated at the marriage of John and Elizabeth, Oct 16, 1755 in Goochland Co, Va.

    1756 -- John was granted 799 acres of land in Sussex County on Aug 16. 620 acres had been granted by a letter of patent in 1732. This land joined Col. Philip Lightfoot's land.

    He moved to Albemarle (later Fluvanna) Co.
    Goochland Co., Va Fee Book named "John of Albemarle Co."
    Thomas Jefferson (b 1743) also lived in Albemarle Co, VA. and the Hancock land bordered the Jefferson land (SE of Charlottesville, VA). In fact, the Hancock land bordering Monticello was surveyed by Peter Jefferson, father of Thomas (Peter Jefferson died in 1757). [In 1764 Thomas Jefferson inherited his father's 2750-acre estate. In 1768 Jefferson began building Monticello. In 1770 Jefferson moved into Monticello. In 1772 he married Martha Wayles Skelton, whose dowry almost doubled his holdings.] Monticello is now located in Albemarle Co.

    This 1790 map of Virginia shows: New Kent County (in green), Goochland County (in pink), Henry County (in orange; Patrick Co took the west part in 1791). In 1804 his daughter, Susannah married David Spurlock from neighboring Montgomery County (in blue).

    All ten of John's children were born in Albemarle County, Va: Benjamin (1756), Lewis (1757), William L. (abt 1759), Major (abt 1760), Nancy (1763), Rhoda (abt 1766), Mary (abt 1768), Elizabeth Maddox (1773), Judith (1778), Susanna (abt 1780).

    1774, Jun 5 - "In consideration of the sum of 10 shillings of good and lawful money, John Hancock was granted one certain parcel of land, containing 87 acres, lying in Co. of Albemarle, on the S. branches of Cunningham's Creek, beg. at Wm. Moore's corner to pointers in Colonel Hopkins' line, So. on George Hilton's line, East to Thomas Jefferson's line, then on to Wm. Moore's (Morris') line North to beg." [Vol 42, p. 709.]
    Also June 5, 1774, "in consideration of the sum of Twenty Shillings . . . do give, grant and confirm unto John Hancock one certain tract or parcel of land containing 182 acres, lying and being in the county of Albemarle on the south side of the Rivanna River on the branches of Cunningham Creek, and bounded as follows, to-wit: Beginning at a pine and pointers in Hardin Burnley's line, running with the same S. 29(degrees) W. 180 poles, crossing two branches of Cunningham Creek to pointers, then now lines S. 40(degrees) E. 146 poles crossing two branches to pointers, and N. 37(degrees) E. 212 poles to the beginning."

    John Hancock was a private in the Revolutionary War.
    [There was another John Hancock who married Ann/Nancy Graves, and was a Capt in the Louisa Co, VA Militia.]

    1777 -- John had four sons. He gave each of them a farm as they became of age. On August 7, 1777, John Hancock of Fluvanna Co., gave his oldest heir, Benjamin, 182 acres of land located on Cunningham Creek.
    On Aug. 1, 1777, John D. Hancock of Fluvanna Co., for love and affection, deeded his son Benjamin Hancock 182 acres on Cunningham Creek, and his son Lewis Hancock 87 acres adjoining the lines of Thomas Jefferson, John Haden and Henry Haislip (D.B. 1, pp. 18 and 19). This deed is signed "John Hancock."

    I don't know what his involvement was in the Revolutionary War, but there is a John Hancock from VA on the DAR list.

    Fluvanna County Marriage Bonds 1777-1801
    1778 - Lewis Handcock & Celey Oglesby
    1780 - Nancy Handcock & Jesse Corn

    1785 -- Later (abt 1785 when he was abt 52) he moved to the west part of Henry Co. from which Patrick Co. was taken in 1791. (Check out this site for some history of Patrick County.) Maybe he didn't take his family with him at first. His daughter Elizabeth married in 1790 in Goochland County, and Mary married in 1795 in Fluvanna County, but Judith married in 1794 in Patrick County.

    1799 -- Jan. 27, John Hancock and Elizabeth his wife, of Patrick Co., in consideration of $260.00, deeded land to Jacob Mayo, of Fluvanna Co. (D. B. 3, p. 505). Jacob was the father-in-law of 2 of his daughters: Elizabeth & Judith.

    Sept. 13, 1802 (D. B. 4,p. 182), they deeded him 147 acres in consideration of $100.00.

    John Hancock left a will dated Nov. 10, 1802, prob. in Patrick Co.,Va., Dec. Court, 1802
    He left his son Lewis Hancock the land he lived on in Fluvanna County.
    He left his sons William & Major the land he lived on in Patrick Co.
    He left his clothes to son Benjamin because he had already given him 1821 in Fluvanna Co.
    The rest of his estate he left to his wife for life or widowhood, and then to be divided among his 5 living daughters and William, with a part left for the children of his deceased daughter, Mary.
    [From "Hopkins of Virginia and Related Families" by Walter Lee Hopkins]


    Friday, November 11, 2016

    The Deposition of Archibald Nichols

    Franklin County State of Virginia

    The deposition of Archabald Nichols sayeth that he was well acquanted with Patrick Lynch Dec?d. whose widow claimes a pention for the servis rendered by her husband in the War of the Revolution ? and that his first acquaintance with said Lynch was in Washington County State of Merilon soon after the commencment of the Revolution and said Lynch was cald on to serve tower of duty under the command of Capt Henry Butler for three months servis and after returning from that tower he was cald on again to serve another tower of three months under the command of Capt. John Nichols and after his discharge from that tower he removed to the County of Bedford Virginia where I understood he served sevral towers was at the Battle of Gilford and at other places he was so fond of a soldeirs life that it is hard to asertain all his servises with correctness Just before the War was ended said Lynch married a Miss Martha Wherley at a time when groom ware ast in Church would ride to the parson the said Lynch was married in the town of new london Cambell County Va. [New London in Campbell County VA since 1782] by parson Holt and lived together many year as man & wife and said Lynch Died leving a wife and four children two boys and two girles and she has never married since

    [3 Jul 1841] Archabald [his X mark] Nichols  


    Friday, November 4, 2016



    William and Stephen Bourn Descendants
    Posted 01 Oct 2012 by skaren861

    William Bourn 1st - (1650-12 Jun 1716) Virginia
    Wife#1 – name unknown
    · Stephen Bourn (dob?–1718)
    · William Bourn 2nd (abt 1680-1740)
    Wife #2 – Mary Vaughan
    · No children
    William Bourn 2nd
    Wife #1 – Ann (unknown last name) (died 8 Apr 1711)
    Wife #2 - name unknown
    · Anne Bourn (b. 1 Mar 1712)
    · Frances Bourn (b. 8 Aug 1714)
    · William Bourn 3rd (born abt 1718) m. Elizabeth Crump
    · Stephen Bourn 1st (1720-1810) m. Hannah (last name unknown)
    · David Bourn (?) some researchers list him as another son
    William Bourn 3rd (1718-1782)
    Wife – Elizabeth Crump (1721-1814) (m. 1742)
    · William Bourn 4th (dob?–1807) (did not marry)
    · Jean Bourn
    · David Bourn
    · George Bourn
    · Lewis Bourn
    · Susannah Bourn
    · Sarah Bourn
    · Frances (Fannie) Bourn
    · Stephen Bourn (dob?-1829) m. Catherine (last name unknown)
    In 1740, two years before Louisa Co. was formed, William Bourn 3rd sold 152 acres to his brother Stephen Bourn (1st 1720-1810). Louisa County Deed Book “A” p. 386
    This Stephen Bourn (wife Hannah) who bought the 152 acres from brother William 3rd (wife Elizabeth Crump) was the father of the brothers Stephen (Devil Steve) Bourn (who married Rosamond Mallory) and William Bourn (who married Rosamond Jones). Both brothers had sons named William and Stephen.
    Stephen Bourn 1st (1720-1810)
    Wife – Hannah (unknown last name) (1726-1814)
    · Frances Bourn
    · William Bourn Senior (1743-1836) (m. Rosamond Jones)
    · John Bourn
    · Stephen Bourn 2nd (1760-1850) (m. Rosamond Mallory)
    · Hannah Bourn (m. cousin David Bourn)
    · Ann (Nancy) Bourn
    · Elizabeth Bourn
    · Sarah Bourn
    · Mary Bourn
    William Bourn Sr (son of Stephen 1st and Hannah)
    Wife – Rosamond Jones (1750-1821) (m. 1765)
    · Patience Bourn
    · Milly Bourn
    · Charity Bourn
    · Stephen G. Bourn (1779-1849) m. 1801 Patsy Mays (1779-1849)
    · Mary Bourn
    · Elizabeth Bourn
    · Frances Bourn
    · Celia Bourn
    · William Bourn Jr. (1794-1882) m. Mary Johnstone (1796-1879)
    Stephen Bourn 2nd “Devil Steve” (son of Stephen 1st and Hannah)
    Wife – Rosamond Mallory (1767-1848) (m. 1792)
    · William (Buck) Bourn (1793-1870) #1 - m. 1818 Polly Byrd and #2 - m. 1825 Hannah Boyer
    · John Bourn
    · Stephen R. Bourn (1796-1873) m. 1820 Amelia Martin (1797-1875)
    · George Bourn
    · Mary Bourn
    · James Bourn
    · Sarah Bourn
    · Elizabeth Bourn

    Friday, October 28, 2016


    From: salsamw1@meckcom.net
    Subject: Re: [VAFLOYD] Wilson/Poff/Likens
    Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2001 09:42:01 -0500

    >The source I have for Sarah Likens being the wife of
    Joshua Wilson is
    >"Marriages in the New River Valley, Virginia" by Fisher.
    >Ancestors of Sally/Sarah Wilson
    >Generation No. 1
    > 1. Sally/Sarah Wilson, born 1808 in Montgomery
    County, Virginia;
    >died in Montgomery County, Virginia. She was the
    daughter of 2. Joshua
    >Wilson and 3. Sarah Likens. She married (1) Anthony Poff
    May 16, 1828 in
    >Montgomery County, Virginia. He was born 1805 in
    Montgomery County,
    >Virginia, and died August 31, 1865. He was the son of
    Peter Poff, Sr. and
    >Elizabeth "Betsy"(surname Pickle not doc) Pickle.
    >Generation No. 2
    > 2. Joshua Wilson He married 3. Sarah Likens
    December 02, 1792 in
    >Montgomery County, Virginia.
    > 3. Sarah Likens She was the daughter of Mark
    >Child of Joshua Wilson and Sarah Likens is:
    > 1 i. Sally/Sarah Wilson, born 1808 in
    >County, Virginia; died in Montgomery County, Virginia;
    married Anthony Poff
    >May 16, 1828 in Montgomery County, Virginia.
    >At 11:24 PM 07/01/2001 -0400, you wrote:
    >>Please forgive my slow response on this one. I haven't
    looked at my
    >>Poff/Wilson research in many years, and therefore
    haven't brought it into
    >>the computer age! Yes, Joshua Wilson was the father of
    Sally Wilson who m.
    >>Anthony Poff. I have that marriage bond. Anthony & Sally
    had a son, Joshua
    >>Wilson Poff who m. Rachel Jackson (d.o. Josiah
    Jackson). They were my GG
    >>Grandparents. If anyone could kindly tell me how Sarah
    Lykens (d.o. Mark
    >>Lykens?) ties in, it would point me to the right box, and
    hopefully the
    >>documents containing the Wilson ancestry.
    >>John Webb
    >>At 08:01 PM 7/1/2001, you wrote:
    >>>I only have this Wilson Line back to Joshua. I hope
    John can help us
    >>>with Joshua's ancestor.
    >>>Barb S.
    >>>At 01:05 PM 07/01/2001 -0500, you wrote:
    >>>> >John - could you give me the direct ancestors of
    >>>> >
    >>>> >I have her father as Joshua Wilson
    >>>> >(source: "Marriages in the New River Valley, Virginia
    >>>>Montgomery, Floyd,
    >>>> >Pulaski and Giles" Compiled by Therese A. Fisher -
    >>>>Marriage of his
    >>>> >daughter Sarah to Anthony Poff says he is the father
    >>>>Barb, To add to Sally Wilson, I don't have her father in
    >>>>records, but she named her 2nd son Joshua Wilson
    >>>>Her name is also Sarah. My Poff line to Samuel
    >>>>Wilson comes through her.
    >>>>Do you know Sarah (Sally) Wilson's line from Joshua
    >>>>Thanks, Salle Wilson
    >>>> >
    >>>> >Thanks,
    >>>> >Barb S.
    >>==== VAFLOYD Mailing List ====
    >>List Administrator
    >>Barbara Stanley - bobnroa@pipeline.com
    >==== VAFLOYD Mailing List ====
    >List Administrator
    >Barbara Stanley - bobnroa@pipeline.com
    >Thank you Barbara for your imput on Sally/Sarah Wilson.
    That adds to her file I had on her. I didn't know her facts.

    John Webb,
    Anthony Poff and Sally Wilson Poff are my line. Joshua and
    Rachal are parents to Lyda Rosabella Poff who married
    Samuel Connor Wilson, grandfather to my husband
    Samuel Calvin Wilson. If you would like these sheets I
    have, I can mail them to you.
    Salle Wilson



    On 11 July 1719, William Bourn received a land grant of 300 acres, in Lousia County, Virginia Land Book #10, page 433 as follows: "George, To all, Know ye that for divers good causes and considerations, but more especially for and in consideration of the sum of five shillings of good and lawful money for our use paid to our Receiver General of our Revenue, in this our Colony, Dominion of Virginia As also for and in consideration of the Importation of five persons to dwell within this our said Colony and Dominion whose names are Nicholas Stephenson, Mary Casupe (?), Eliza(beth) Johnson, Elander Mathews and Joan Hogan. We have given, granted and confirmed and these presents for us our heirs and successors do give grant and confirm unto William Bourn of New Kent County one certain tract or parcel of land containing three hundred acres - lying and being on both sides of Narrow Neck Creek in the aforesaid county and bounded as followeth, to wit, beginning at a white oak in Major Nicholas Meriwethers line on the upper side of Narrow Neck Creek running South thirty west three hundred and sixteen poles to a red oak thence south fifty one East a thirty four poles, Creek in a (?) one hundred twenty four poles to a white oak thence north forty one east at one hundred poles - branch at one hundred and forty branch at two hundred eighty four jumping branch in all three hundred fourteen poles to a white oak in the said Meriwethers line - thence along his line north fifty two west one hundred and seventy eight poles to the beginning. WITH all et To have hold et to be held et Yielding and paying et provided et In witness et witness our trusty and welbeloved Alexander Spotswood our Lt. Governor at Williamsburgh under the seal of our said Colony the Eleventh day of July one thousand seven hundred and nineteen in the fifth year of our Reign. Lt. Governor Alexander Spotswood"
    This land was in the part of New Kent County which became Hanover County in 1721 and which became Louisa County in 1742. It is located south of the South Anna River, near the Hanover County line, on both sides of Narrow Neck Creek, later called Duncan's Creek and now called Jones Creek. This land remained in the possession of Bourn descendants for almost one hundred years and parts of it were owned by Bourns for many more years than that. Eighty acres of this land is still carried on the tax books of Louisa County, as "formerly William Bourne, Senior's land."
    On 8 April 1711, the same Parish Register shows Ann Bourn, wife of William Bourn, Jr died. William married again and they had five known children. The loss of the Hanover County records for this period makes it impossible to know when William Bourn, Jr (II) died. His land was apparently inherited by his son, William Bourn III. In 1740, two years before Louisa County was formed, William Bourn (III) sold for L5, 152 acres of the 300 acre tract, that part lying on the "upper side of Narrow Neck Creek" to Stephen Bourn, brother of William (III). (Louisa County, Virginia Deed Book A, page 386). (Information from "Stephen Bourn and Rosamond Mallory, 1950 - 1982" by Lura Elizabeth Cutchshaw, 1983.)
    Birth: ABT 1670 in Louisa County, Virginia


    WILL BOOK 3-C, F. 20, Bedford County, Va. May 1807 Jan. 1811, Copied August, 1951
    Will of John Nichols, dated 5 April 1803
    " In the Name of God Amen I John Nichols Sen. of Bedford County in the State of Virginia being low in health and weak in body but of perfect mind & memory, thanks to Almighty God, but knowing it is allotted for mortal man to die, I do make and ordain this to be my last Will and Testament, first recommending my poor Soul into the hands of the almighty God that gave it to me and my poor body to decently to interred and after my lawful Debts and funeral expenses is discharged, I will and bequeath my Worldly Estate that it hath pleased the Almight God to possess me with, in form and manner following, Viz Item, I bequeath unto my son Flayl Nichols my big family Bible. Item , I bequeath to my son John Nichols, my young horse called Ceilia, after my beloved wife, Martha, decease. Item; I bequeath unto my son Archibald Nichols, a tract or parcel of land beginning at a locus near the fence of premises now tending, thence a new marked line down to the mouth of ny lane, thence along the old line to Gills and my corner tree to a spanish Oak, thence along as the old line directs to a chestnut or Burnetts line, thence along Burnetts line to a newmade corner white Oak on Elisha Nichols line thence along Elisha's new line to the first station. Item; I bequeath unto my son Elisha Nichols a tract of land or parcel of land, beginning at a chestnut on Ayer's road thence along the road as the new mark line goes to a pealed corner white oak , thence off across the field and as the newmarked line goes to a corner white oak on Burnetts line including the twelve Acres I purchased of Elisha Burnett, thence along the line to the beginning station. Item ; I bequeath unto my son Jesse Nichols, the tract or parcel of land whereon I now dwell after my beloved wife Martha Nichols (decease) Beginning at Pointers next to John Hall's line, thence along as the line directs to a corner chestnut on Ayers road thence along the road a new lineto the corner pealed white oak in the field, thence along off across the field and along Elisha's new mark't line to the new mark't corner locus by the fence, thence along the new mark't line to the mouth of the lane, then along as the old line directs to Gill's and my corner Spanish Oak. Item ; I bequeath to my beloved wife Martha Nichols, the negroe Wench name Delphia and negroe boy named Frank, during her life or widowhood, after that to be equally divided between by my two sons Elisha and Jesse Nichols. Item; I bequeath unto my sons Elisha and Jesse Nichols the waggon, three horses, named Dick, Jack and Sawny, and all the utensils belonging to the waggon. Item ; I bequeath unto my son Elisha one red and white spotted no horn Heifer. Item ; I bequeath unto my son Jesse Nichols one dark brinded Heifer. Item; I bequeath unto my children Mary Cundiff, John Nichols, Katherine Pollard, my son Archibald Nichols, and my daughter Jane Hancock, all the other moveable property of my Estate after my beloved wife Martha Nichols deceases excepting what is before mentioned and a small shott gun, which I bequeath unto my grandson John Nichols, the son of my son John Nichols., Item; I do constitute and ordain my two beloved sons Elisha Nichols and Jesse Nichols my sole Executors to this my last Will & Testament revoking and disannulling any other former Will & Testament and constituting and allowing this to be the last Will & Testant according to my desire; Given under my hand and seal this 5th day of April 1803.
    Signed: John Nichols (seal)
    Witnesses: Edward Hore, Samuel Best (his mark), Jacob Hunt (his mark)
    Executors: Elisha Nichols, Jesse Nichols
    Probated - 26 December 1803 by the witnesses.
    Securities: Charles Gill, Thomas Payne, $2000 bond Inventoried: 3 February 1804 by : Samuel Hancock, John Ayers, Julius Saunders
    Source: Franklin Nichols [1][2]


    When I first started researching my Bourne line I did not get very far. My great grandma Vennie Lee Bourne was the daughter of James Emmett Bourne and Amelia Vaughan. His father was named James and his mother was named Matilda C Stephenson and they were my brick wall for a long time.  
    NameJ. E. Bourne
    Marital StatusSingle
    Birth Date1880
    Birth PlaceGrayson Co., VA
    Marriage Date19 Jun 1901
    Marriage PlaceWythe County, Virginia
    FHL Film Number34255
    Reference IDp71 L20
    Household Members
    Jas. Bourne
    M. Stevenson
    J. E. Bourne
    Elizabeth Pinion
    Wm. Vaughn
    Amelia Vaughn

    While Amelia's marriage record named Emmett's parents as Jas and M, there were no real clues to their identities. Did M stand for Mary or Marilyn or Mariah? Why dont people fill these things out better? Obviously Jas stood for James but where was he from? When was he born?   

    James and M were probably in Wythe County around 1901 right? So thats something. Ancestry would not help either. Not a clue for a long time... 

    Then one day, Emmett's Death Record popped up revealing that M was actually Matilda and his wife was Pamelia.... 

    NameJames Emmett Bourne
    Age at Death83
    Birth Date13 Jun 1881
    Death Date24 Mar 1964
    Death PlaceFries, Grayson, Virginia, USA
    Registration Date30 Mar 1964
    FatherJames E Bourne
    MotherMatilda Stevens
    SpousePamelia Ann Bourne

    So James Sr was also an E and Matilda may be a Stevens instead of a Stevenson... 
    Emmett was 83 when he died in Fries and his birth and death dates were in the record.  
    Once I had this info Matilda Bourn got a hint.... 

    In the 1900 census, Matilda is a widow,... living in Wythe with her kids... 

    NameMatilda C Bourne
    Birth DateFeb 1861
    Home in 1900Speedwell, Wythe, Virginia
    Relation to Head of HouseHead
    Marital StatusWidowed
    Father's BirthplaceVirginia
    Mother's BirthplaceVirginia
    Mother: number of living children4
    Mother: How many children6
    Household Members
    Matilda C Bourne35
    Geary G Bourne24
    William J Bourne18
    Mary M Bourne8
    Now we can see that Matilda was born in 1861 Virginia, and so there is a good chance James E was too....      

    Also she may have had Geary (George) when she was eleven???  Well, you know how women are about their age... or it could just be a typo. What do they call typos in long hand???  Oh right, census takers.  

    1880 Census shows James Bourn at age 79 and wife Matilda at age 28... about 51 years apart... and that puts James Sr. at a birth date around 1801.... so Matilda may be a second wife... and his son James Emmett was born when he was about 80... wow....   

    Matilda and James were married when she was 27 according to her marriage record..... 

    NameMatilda C. Stephenson
    Marital StatusSingle
    Birth Date1851
    Birth PlaceGrayson
    Marriage Date30 Jul 1878
    Marriage PlaceGrayson County, Virginia
    FHL Film Number31758
    Reference IDreg2 p37 #53
    Household Members
    Matilda C. Stephenson
    James Bourn
    R. H. Bourn
    S. Bourn

    James Sr was the son of S and RH BOURN....  and he was married at age 77... 

    Name:James Bourn
    Marital Status:Single
    Birth Date:1801
    Birth Place:Grayson
    Marriage Date:30 Jul 1878
    Marriage Place:Grayson County, Virginia
    Father:S. Bourn
    Mother:R. H. Bourn
    Spouse:Matilda C. Stephenson
    FHL Film Number:31758
    Reference ID:reg2 p37 #53

    James parents turned out to be Steven Bourn and Rosamond H Mallory Bourn... 

    I have to thank a cousin for this revelation as there were no hints to connect the dots here.... 

    "How did you link James E Bourne (before 1860-1900) and Matilda Stephenson as being the parents of William James Emmet and the others? According to the trees on ancestry and rootsweb members connect this James E Bourne was born about 1800 in Grayson County.


    The information above has the parents of James E Bourne as Stephen Devil Bourne (b. 31 Oct 1760 in Louisa Co VA) and Rosamond Mallory (b. 4 Sep 1792.)
    They have James as being born 16 Sep 1800 in Grayson Co. VA and his wife Matilda Stephenson as much younger.
    = = = =

    The above link is to the findagrave memorial for Rosamond Bourne Reeves. If you send a message to the people who commented on her memorial, as well as some of the other Bournes in this cemetery, you might get some response. There are comments added to your ancestor James Emmett Bourne in the same cemetery.
    = = = ==
    I don’t see census records posted in your tree prior to 1900. Have you found George living with his parents in the 1880 census?
    Have you found all the census records for your Bourne family, either on ancestry.com or familysearch.org?
    = = = =
    Have you searched for obits for any of the siblings of James Emmett Bourne and his parents James and Matilda?
    I will look a little more.
    Take care

    Sometimes info from a cousin can lead to a whole new branch.AND A BROKEN WALL...




    bloodline 52ancestors pedigree FamilyHistoryFriday DirectAncestor ancestor NICHOLS ancestorlist England MATERNAL genealogy male Virginia challenge family history DNA census sources HANCOCK SundaySource KING Scotland 2ndGG Magna Carta project 19thGG gen5 BARTLETT GEDMATCH gen6 AKERS FamilyTreeTuesday 3rdGG COLLINS KG KNIGHT OF THE GARTER 17thGG 18thGG CensusSunday LINVILLE gen4 American Revolution BOURNE MovieMonday gen20 gen22 12 ancestors in 12 months 16thGG BROWNE FOUNDERS AND PATRIOTS France Marriages SAR WASHINGTON gen19 12in12 23rdGG DAR Ireland JONES NC PA. POFF Rome VitalRecords WednesdaysWall gen21 13thGG 25thGG 9thGG PATERNAL RICHARDS WILLIAMS gen16 gen28 10thGG 22ndGG 26thGG EDWARDS Italy Jamestown MACNICOL Maryland PAYNE Saint TAYLOR VAUGHAN gen3 12thGG 21stGG 27thGG 5thGG 6thGG 7thGG ALDRIDGE BOOTH BRENT Bedford Blogiversary Crusades Descendants HOLLAND JOHNSON LAST WILL Normandy POETRY READING RAKES Roman Emperor SHOUT OUTS STEWART UPDATES WRIGHT gen13 gen26 gen29 gen30 gen9 mentions 14thGG 20thGG 31stGG ANCESTORS BORU Belgium Civil War DE NORMANDIE Denmark EBOOKS FotoFriday Germany HARRIS HATCHER HILL House of TUDOR LAWRENCE Links MAYFLOWER MOORE Massachusetts NICHOLLS O'BRIAN O'BRYAN Quaker SCOTTISH CLANS WILSON YOUNG elder female gen12 gen17 gen34 gen8 gifts 10TH CENTURY 11TH CENTURY 2014 24thGG 33rdGG 36thGG 43rdGG 4thGG 51stGG. gen54 ALTIZER ANCESTRY Aragon BOND Bishop CHENEY Caesar Connecticut DEATH RECORD DUNCAN Earl Egypt Floyd Co. Franklin GARRETT GENETIC COMMUNITIES GERARD GIBSON GORDON GRANT HERBERT HOWARD House of RURIK Kiev LEONARD LIKENS LINCOLN MAYBERRY MONTGOMERY MORGAN Montgomery Co. NAPIER NATIONAL SOCIETY OF THE WASHINGTON FAMILY DESCENDANTS NICHOLS SURNAME PROJECT O'BRIEN PEAK PLANTAGENET PRINDLE PTOLEMY Poet Private Reverend Rurik Dynasty Russia SEYMOUR SINCLAIR SMYTHE SPENCER STUMP Spain Sponsors UK Ukraine VA. WHITE Wales Y-DNA bloggers clergy family gen15 gen2 gen36 gen39 gen46 militaryRecord poetry tbt throwback thursday 11thGG 12th century 14th century 15thGG 1stGG 2015 28thGG 47thGG 51stGG. 53rdGG 65thGG 67thGG 75thgg ADDAIR ASHTON AUDLEY Alba Alchemist Antonine Dynasty BALDWIN BARLOW BEACH BEAUFORT BECKETT BERENGER BERENGUER BERKELEY BOLEYN BORUMA BRONAUGH BROWN BRUCE BUTLER BYRON Barcelona Bavaria Berkeley Hundred Bluetooth CALLAHAN CAREY CARRICK CHRISTLEY CIRCLES CLINTON COKAYNE CONSTABLE CONSTANTINUS COOK COOKE CT Cambridge Cardinal Carolingian Dynasty Chancellor Charlemagne Cherokee Colony Count Cumberland Customer DANVERS DE BOHUN DE LA FORCE DE METZ DESPENSER DEVEREUX DICKENS DOUGLAS DraftCard Drexel Hill EMLEN ESTRIDSSON ETHNICITY Edmonston FAMILY HISTORY FRIDAY FLYNT FORBES FRAY Family Tree Thursday FamilyHistoreen Franklin County GA. GARAT GARRARD GILBERT GLEN GORGES GORMSSON GRAHAM GREEN GRENVILLE Greece HALDANE HART HAWLEY HIGHLANDERS HIGHLEY HODGES HOLDEN HOLT HUBBARD HUGEONOTS HYDE Hammer House of Barcelona House of CAPET House of NORMANDY Howland IRISH ISLE OF SKYE Iowa JACKSON JAMESTOWN SOCIETY JEFFERSON James Bond Judge Justice KENNEDY King's Cove LESLIE LLOYD LONDON LORING LUDFORD LUNDIN Lineage Lundi MACARTHUR MAGNA CARTA SOCIETY MALLORY MARTEL MARTIN MAYBURY MCCLANE MERCHANT MINITREE MOREHOUSE MP. Sheriff MURRAY Macedonia Maddox Merovingian Family Military Mondsy Minute Man Moesia NEWPORT NEWSPAPERS NJ NOREYS NORRIS North Carolina Norway Novgorod OBITUARIES OGILVY Octavian PARTRIDGE PATRILINEAGE PEMBRIDGE PENNSYLVANIA PERRIN PHILADELPHIA PINION PITZER POW POWELL POWHATAN PRESTON PRINGLE Pharaoh Plymouth Prince Provence Ptolemaic Dynasty Puritan RADCLIFFE REED RICHARDSON RUTTER Robertian Dynasty SAINT-CLAIR SAVAGE SAYE SC SETON SHERMAN SHINALL SHUFFIELD SIBILA SMITH SMYTH SPEARMAN STAMPER STANLEY STEPHENSON STEVENSON STUART SVIATOSLAVICH Serbia Sheriff Sicily SmallWorldSaturday Stoic Surry County TALBOT THARP THOMAS THOMPSON TILNEY TRAIL TUDOR Tennessee Thornfield Tilley UA BRIAIN UPDIKE Underground Railroad VERNON VLADIMIROVICH WADHAM WALLS WENTWORTH WITT WOODWARD WROTHESLEY WW2 Wednesday Weblog Welsh What IF? Wittelbach books due diligence family detective gen1 gen10 gen11 gen18 gen25 gen27 gen31 gen50 gen54 gen56 gen68 gen7 gen70 gen78 goals heraldry homework immigrant merchandise milestone new england notes philosopher pilgrims quotes review tags ydna